What hall do you start in?

For me, it usually depends on what I'm looking for at that particular meet. When I was collecting "quality" 1:43 cars, I made a bee-line to the Diecast Direct booth in the Orange Hall. They bring a limited number of new items, and I like to look at the cars "in the flesh" before buying. More recently its been the White Hall for a good selection of postwar Flyer passenger cars. Other times I've parked near the Silver Hall, and made the circuit, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Blue, and Silver (next to my car). When you get to be an old fart, you think of stuff like this. 

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I buy mostly new stuff, so I head for the Orange Hall first, then Purple.  I do find a lot of "almost new" stuff in some of the member halls too, so I guess we have to hit 'em all!

ps. you've got me beat by 8 yrs and 1 day.

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Orange but not long. I usually stop at CTT for a handshake, across the back wall then head out to the farthest hall and work my way back to orange. Blue and Silver I wait till after the big rush as it never changes all that much.


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I usually start with the Orange hall since that presents the best chance of discovering what's new or new to me.  A discovery could lead to a spontaneous purchase.  I usually come with a list.  After the Orange hall, the next halls are generally to satisfy the list, see the layouts and visit with friends.  I usually cover all the halls if I don't run out of time.

I don't really understand why major manufactures or retailers would stop attending York.  York is a huge target audience of O gaugers.  Seems like the ROI would be pretty high in the York environment.  The're missing guys like me if they are not there.  More importantly, you lost your only chance to market to my wife.  


I almost always start out in the orange Hall primarily because over the years I have found a lot of good affordable post war stuff and videos there.  I never paid any attention to any of the importers or the OGR booth so I won't be missing them at all.  Gryzboski's and Nicholas Smith always seem to have lots of new things to choose from.  After that I hit the silver and blue halls and then cover the rest of the halls at random.  I like to walk so I always seem to vary my pattern.  

Purple is my starter only because I pop in to see Tony from my LTS. I usually chat with him for about 15-20 minutes and check back with him each day(or in the afternoon again). I think the first time(October 2017 my first time) I had come back to tell him what I saw in one of the member halls. His reply was simply, "you see them sometimes".

I will chat it up with anybody and that is usually how I may end up late for lunch or dinner or something else. 2017 I was supposed to leave just after 10, I was still chatting until 11:10 or so. I left that Saturday I think 11:45 or dang near to. I had to be somewhere at home in the afternoon.


Every year is different and my starting point is based on what I am looking for. This year I'll be looking for a scal building and some freight cars so I will start in the Blue, Silver Whit and Red halls on Thursday and then finish up in the Orange hall .  Of couse I get their early and usuall socialize in the Orange hall before the meet starts. Always a fun event

My first few Yorks I always started at the Orange Hall as that's where folks I was acquainted with began.   It was so overwhelming I didn't make it to the member halls for 3 years -  I just spent all my time in the Orange, Purple, and Brown.  I'm into modern stuff and with all the clinics and presentations there was plenty to keep me busy.  Didn't even think about the member halls.

On a whim one year I decided to start with the Red Hall and work my way over to the Orange Hall.  Yep, I never made it to the Purple, Brown or Orange Hall on the first day - too busy exploring the member halls.

The last several years I either start with Orange or Red.  If I'm in the middle of socializing before the meet starts I start with the Orange Hall (as that's where I am).  If I'm able to break away around 11:45 or so, then I head over to the Red Hall and begin there.  If someone put the proverbial gun to my head and said "pick one", I would pick Red followed by the other member halls.   I've found lots of deals and unique items I never would have found otherwise.  You'd be surprised if you take the time to look under the tables as well as at what's on top of the tables.  





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I've only been to two "O" gauge meets at York and one Large Scale meet.  From what I am reading in the previous posts, it looks like the Orange hall is the place to go for Post-War stuff.  I only have one day, Friday, to attend the meet.  

Should I be spending time in the other halls ?

Dan Padova


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After my 1 1/2 hour drive I hit the men's room in the Silver Hall and pick up my badge. Then off to the Orange hall spend a bunch of hours, munch on my Wawa hoagie, hit the men's room and come home.  All the other halls kind of run together.

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I am planning on going to York on Thursday, April 11th.     As this is my first York, I have no idea which hall to start in! 

While I usually pre-order items of interest from 3rd Rail/Golden Gate Depot, I have taken a couple of breaks from the hobby and missed the GGD B&O Heavyweights.  The baggage/sleeper/diner/observations were delivered last year (2018) and the coaches from 4 - 5 years ago.  Any thoughts were I might start my hunt?


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Dan Padova posted:

I've only been to two "O" gauge meets at York and one Large Scale meet.  From what I am reading in the previous posts, it looks like the Orange hall is the place to go for Post-War stuff.  I only have one day, Friday, to attend the meet.  

Should I be spending time in the other halls ?


Actually, no, the Orange Hall is the large "Dealer Hall" where you will find mostly modern stuff. Definitely visit and there will be some PW sprinkled in but your best bet for PW are the "Member Halls," Blue, White, Red, and Silver.

When I was planning my PW-style layout and needed many accessories, buildings and trackside signals I found great deals in the Member Halls. Plenty of PW trains, too.


I go to the red, white, purple, silver then blue.  Then the orange cause it's open later than the member halls.  I don't buy the newer stuff to avoid disappointment. 

I park near the area between the red, black and silver halls, for convenient purchase deposits and refreshments. 

I've only found water fountains in the lobbies of the orange and silver halls.

Dan, I've found the member halls to have by far the most postwar and the best prices.

I usually start out in the White or Red halls and work my way back towards Orange 

I find Blue and Silver congested - tough to walk through and only go there when I am meeting up with my dad.

I probably spend the most time in the Orange and purple halls


This year we are going to try a Bandit show on Wednesday 

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Joe Hohmann posted:
jd-train posted:

I am planning on going to York on Thursday, April 11th.     As this is my first York, I have no idea which hall to start in! 


Since it's your first York, Orange Hall is the best all-around, mind-blowing introduction.

Joe, depends on what you are looking for. If you want new product start in the Orange and Purple halls. If you are looking for post war and used product, some of which will be fairly new visit the member halls, start in Blue and Silver


eddie g posted:

If you plan to do the bandit show at the Wyndham on Wednesday, You better get there early .  Most of the dealers will close up early to set up at the fairgrounds. They have been doing this show since Monday. 

Eddie, which Wyndham are you talking about...the two by the rt. 30 & 83 interchange (super 8 by Wyndham & wingate by Wyndham) or the further west  Wyndham Garden near rt. 74 and across from a Walmart?   

Sorry to hijack, but it’s my first York as well, even though I live only 20 north.  Was thinking I could ease into it by attending a bandit meet.  



Silver, Blue, Red, White, Purple, and Orange in that order. Why? I'm not sure. I think I just prefer the unpredictability of the member's halls. 


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