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I just got a new Lionchief GP7 (6-84109) and the rear coupler does not work because one of the wires is disconnected. It looks like the only way to reconnect the wire is to remove the rear pilot which is covering the coupler. Is there an easy way to do this without having to open the shell and remove the entire truck?


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"Take it back to the dealer for an exchange. don't fix it yourself or you will void the warranty.  And it sends a quality control message when he has to return it."


I can see your point about quality control. But, if he is capable...why would anyone ever want to send the item back! So, I can expend money in

shipping? Deal with a item lost in shipping? The way some of the over sea's  stuff is solder. Lionel will never know the difference. Plus, to Lionel's credit

at least in the past they shipped the part..... never heard the long story about the warranty,;submitButton=Search

Copy and paste into your browser. Lionel, parts diagram for that engine.

That part riveted.

This MIGHT be possible.. But, once the clips are removed on the T-BAR . The T-BAR will have to be able to be moved high enough to let the coupler slide out. This may allow access to the solder joint. Getting the T-bar back in and the coupler back in place you might some brain power

1) Remove C clip under T bar holding coupler. Remove spring and washers and note their order. See if t bar goes high enough to release the coupler

   and allow access to the solder joint. If this works, You might have to use a little brain power getting using something to put pressure on the top of

   the T-Bar

2) The proper way! Remove the shell. Remove the truck. Remove the t-bar.  You should definitely be able to gain access to the joint without totally

   removing the coupler. Or you can remove it.





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