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O Gauge Lionel Corporation Tinplate No. 2817 O Gauge Illuminated Caboose


O Gauge Lionel Corporation Tinplate No. 2814R O Gauge Refrigerator Car
I still have one of these desperate for a caboose.


Thank you!
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Thanks for the update.  I decided to try my first tinplate from that same catalog with the 263E and 2600 passenger cars shown with it (painted in similar Lionel colors).  I also ordered the caboose and reefer you are looking for, though they won't be quite as nice of a match to the engine I ordered vs. the one you have from 2010.

I had a shipping schedule item that was actually worse and/or more confusing.  Being originally from Long Island NY, I ordered the HO Club car (LIRR Boxcar) from 2016, as I have still got a passing interest in HO.  Over the last 1 1/2 years or so, I kept a rough eye on it, asked at York, etc.  I was pretty sure it had never shipped, but recently started to worry I might have lost track of it and just never received mine.

Then I looked up the number in the shipping schedule and it says (as recently as last week) "May 2016".  Now I was seriously worried!

Asked at the booth on Thursday.  Yeah, it didn't ship yet, that date is definitely wrong (which is better than if it really had shipped and I just didn't receive mine).  I think the guess at the booth was end of this year or early next year for that item.


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  I have been eyeing the Blue 263E P3 for a while, thought about pre ordering it and decide to wait till it actually came out, looks like a made the right decision.  I like the lighted Caboose, will probably want one also!  Got to tell ya I quit Pre-Order Tin Plate cause of the extra long wait and sometimes the item never gets made at all!

Doc Davis,

I want the Blue Lighted Caboose also, it's not happening for Christmas buddy!


The new Blue 263E with lighted Caboose will make a great addition to our FT over head layout, if it actually ever gets here!

Dave4581 & Marty,

Got to tell ya however the 2600 cars advertised are not going to match the new Blue 263E Perfectly, the match is the 800/2800 Rolling Stock.  I believe that was a misprint in the advertisement.



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I'm still waiting for 11-70117 from the 2015 catalog.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.55.27 PM

Maybe MTH forgot to cancel it, or maybe it will show up next week? . I hope Pat still has my order and phone number in his system... Maybe they need some more pre-orders, so let's go everyone!

Somebody is going to get lucky, because it looks like the 2015 Gerber reefer will ship this month!



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