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@bluelinec4 posted:

Hi Guys   I haven't posted in awhile because I am so busy   Just wanted to post a picture of what I am working on



LOL! Same here! Our local craft brewery burned down the day after Memorial Day. They are still brewing and selling their beers at a weekly farmer’s market. Saturday morning I wake up and go to market to support they’re rebuilding efforts. This gets repeated every Saturday!

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Finally got around to repairing some stuff I've had for a loooooong time. Many years ago I drove a box truck for Goodwill thru the city streets of Madison, WI, to pick up donations on house calls. Much to my pleasure, folks would often donate a box full of Lionel trains! So I loaded them in to the truck, then when back at the plant, I made my way with an armload of trains to the pricing dep't and took home some more goodies!

So that's my way of saying I just unpacked a box with two 2046W tenders, a 234W tender, a 2026, 671, 229 and a 2020 steamer, plus a couple of tank cars that look especially nice. These were the pick o' the crop in this box - got quite a few more boxes that I'm looking forward to going through! I'm in heaven!

Ran into the first time I couldn't fit my Chuff-Generator on the motor in the standard mounting.  The clearance around the motor in this Williams brass Pacific is just too close to allow it to fit.  Fortunately, last year I was thinking about a situation like this and made a little board that just has the flywheel sensor to make things smaller.  I could fit my mini-sensor board under the driveshaft and just mount the Chuff-Generator remotely.  First time I've had occasion to use the little board, but now I'm glad I thought of it back then.

Chuff-Generator Remotely Mounted


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John, that is just amazing. One thing my late uncle used to say before started some jobs, "Let me think about this one for a bit before I start tearing stuff apart." He would see stuff coming a mile a way most times(unless someone mistakenly did something to mess up what he was going to work on).

Lots of good stuff in here, Alex did up my Niagara a while ago, good to see more of the bits that go into it.

Really like the dimples you're putting in the rods Pete.

Can't wait to more of what's in the works.

@UKE KAT posted:


Lionchief Plus Mikado...smoke unit issues...the fan works, but no smoke, so guessing the heating element is the problem. Think I’ll be ordering a new replacement smoke unit? Anything I should be checking before I do? Ideas are appreciated.


No need to buy a complete unit. Its either the resistor or the circuit driving the resistor. Do as Rod suggested and check the resistor. Also turn the sound off and see if you can hear the fan running.


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A920436F-65EA-484C-87CF-C225259EC20E22A5451F-BA4E-479A-8141-D7D9EB7C557A3859058B-D2FA-4CA8-A6D9-A009B39ACA393ABEF32B-F8D1-4F11-A7EF-21B237D28B8432778638-56BC-4599-B681-5326298E1060 Sure great to see what everyone is up too and the cleanliness of their work spaces.

  I have made progress on my work bench area and thought I would share my progress.

 Power cords from all the different tools were a constant problem, so I picked up a couple of electrical boxes from Home Depot and built a useful power bar that was compact and out of the way to compliment the new shelf, which will hold a hair dryer, Dremel tool, soldering gun and cordless 3/8” drill.

    I had some 1/2” MDF board in the garage and made a shelf for screwdrivers/power tools  and 2 stands for a drill bits.
   Still lots of parts sorting to do with all the misc bits from projects of the past.

  Hopefully, I will soon get back to my GP7 conversions to Kadees/fixed pilot and started on my recently acquired Atlas GP9 s



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 This probably does not deserve to be in this thread as what's going on in my makeshift workspace is just a glorified tire change. But the set of which this unit is part has no fewer than 12 traction tires and getting them all off and on as a practical matter requires removing the body shells:


This is an MTH UP coal turbine 3 unit set (ALCO lead control unit, turbine B unit and tender). In fact this was a conversion of the first conventional Protosound version to PS2, which was done for me by Mike R. and Phil when they were still with TAS. In fact as you might be able to tell from the photo, this conversion put a second sound system in the B unit, which is so much better than the latest and almost certainly last MTH PS3 version that only has sound in the lead unit. I remember it was Phil who suggested installing the extra sound after he took it apart. 

4 motors, 10 powered axles and 3 smoke units call for occasional heavy duty maintenance although this engine, known to my family as "Ol' Smoky" for obvious reasons, is generally only run on ceremonial occasions:


In all the years I have had this, I think I have only had both the powered units apart 3 times and the first of these was right after I got it back from the conversion, when the B unit simply would not start up at all. That turned out to be shipping damage as the front mount of the B unit PS2 board had cracked and the main wiring connector was dislodged. My Heath Robinson repair got it running and it has been reliable ever since.

It does rumble around the track like a giant dinosaur and I have no problem with the fact that the prototype was a failure, largely because trying to burn pulverized coal damaged the turbine. 

(P.S. All evidence of recreational beverages, bottle(s), glassware etc. was removed from the vicinity before the photo was taken!)


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