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Looks like the B&LE tender head out of Pittsburgh.  Sorry for the crappy PenDot  screenshot.889C9F3E-FAD4-4477-9811-ECC0B3394B31




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Not sure what you saw, but the engine itself is still McKees Rocks. It has not been moved yet. They have to separate the boiler from the running gear to make that move. There some severe clearance and weight issues getting it out of there, including a 13’ 6” overhead clearance and a 35 ton bridge.

Rich Melvin

AOS also has a website and email newsletter unrelated to Facebook. They’re usually pretty good about putting up pictures, though in this case they’re likely holding off to keep people from mobbing the worksite, The boiler and frame are, as Rich says, a really tricky move and they may have to make it without saying much beforehand.

The heavy haul companies have a lot more experience than they did before the oil and gas boom, so it’s not as if they’re doing something completely untried. Difficult, yes, but they don’t think it’s impossible.

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