Which model subways have command opening doors??

Are command opening doors available from both MTH and Lionel?

If so, which ones?  It's not real clear to me looking at catalogs. I want that more than a particular livery.

Are they trouble free or finicky? Thanks..

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Pretty sure it's just the three offered by Lionel, R27 (Green), R30 (Red) and R16 (Blue/Silver). All MTA (New York City).

Some of the MTH Premier ones have opening doors(original R32 and the DAP graffiti version of the R32, maybe others?), but are all manual I believe.

As to whether they are trouble free, I believe the hard-wire link between the cars made them much more reliable than the opening doors on the Acela models(which used infra-red link between cars).


As Dave mentioned, Lionel subway sets are equipped with command operating doors. Very nice feature missing from any MTH subway set, the R-32 (1st release) has manual doors you would open using slide from under carriage like the M7 sets by Lionel.

As for reliability, I’ve encountered some doors on Lionel sets don’t fully open Something that can be repaired by Lionel or anyone with some know how. YouTube will be your best bet to get an idea of one in action. Can tell you the Red and Silver blue sets are hard to come by and are pricey. You'll see them now and then on eBay. Good luck.  

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