Who is planning on attending the March meet in Chicago this year

great show. well attended and lots of brass to be had.  i managed to pick up a couple items from bill davis' import line. (loco wash station and express erie box car).  also picked up a kohs caboose as well as my diesel/car shop kit from altoona model works.  i just started putting that together today. other than that i picked up some figures, several tractors and a bulldozer and some yoder trucks.  always a fun show.

Good meet for O Scale Trains!  Maybe the best in the past 4 years.  Thanks to all that came by the tables; we appreciate your support!

A Pessimist sees a dark tunnel

An Optimist sees light at the end of the tunnel

A Realist sees a freight train

The Train engineer sees 3 idiots standing on the rails


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