Here you go! While our customer comes up with an "official" name for their layout here are some fun facts about this commercial layout in the "wintry pictures below: Also, feel free to download a copy of these fun facts by clicking here for the PDF: 300 South Tryon

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Happy Tracks!

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Excellent!!  Can feel the cold, crisp air with a light breeze... perhaps from the passing of a steam powered train?  Thanks for sharing the results of such fantastic talent and craftmanship.

Wont have the snow, but ready to see the UP 4014 this Saturday in Claremore, Oklahoma!!

Jesse   TCA

Wow great inspirations for building a better winter scene layout. Thanks for sharing. Any chance of an over view shot of the overall track layout?

Great work!  I was wondering is there any issues with LionChief trains with the signal reception of the engine through the tunnels or other side of the mountains? I have had an issue with this with my LionChief engines loosing connection if not a direct sight line. The Bluetooth LionChief connection keeps getting lost more often then the hand held remote if something like a tunnel or mountain is blocking the line of site depending on the material between the train and controller?? 

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