Wow my model railway display for the kids from this past weekends model train show made the front page of the main daily newspapers!

Have been working for weeks getting my model train display ready for the many fall and winter model train shows. This was the big one locally this past weekend and had families of kids packed around the fence with them running 13 of the 21 trains with the Lion Chief controllers on the fence  and many other animation and sound buttons for them to push. Take a look at the photos.

While they got some of the things not perfect in the interview they did well to cover it all.  Everything worked fairly well during the weekend. A stray balloon over the fence derailed one train and a candy dropped onto the tracks had one train on top of it spinning its wheels. The odd track coming apart, and a screw fell out of the dummy truck on an engine shorting the track out. Other then that 2 long full days of the trains running.  Added the new Radiator Springs buildings that have been coming out perfect timing with the release this past week of the " Cars 3" DVD The lights on these new Mattel buildings is stunning. Lots of color and trains racing around. A Circus, Cars Movie. Thomas, Paw patrol etc. theme's for trains attracted attention. 

Link to the article scroll down for all the photos.

Here is a video of the many nice scale layouts at the show;


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Which Vancouver; British Columbia or Washington, State?

I'd like to go next year, did the Puyallup, Great American Train Show and the Boeing Employees Model Rail Road Club (BEMRRC) swap meet in Kent, WA. this past Saturday (11/11/17), I could use more shows to go and see.


Good for you what good is having something nice if you can't share it with others Nick


Can see more photos on the Weekend photo fun.

Thanks for comments. (For Bogie)  In B.C. Vancouver, you can ride the Amtrak Cascades train to town and a short bus ride to the show for next year!  Canada flag with poppies as we had Remembrance day this past weekend.

I have the one cranky in the middle and a 2nd near the fence with the motors disconnected and the speaker wires running to a plug that connects to computer speakers so that it is loud enough for you to hear him talk. This has been very reliable run for many many shows and just keeps running amazing product.

Layout was 24x40 feet with 13 Lion Chief controls on the fence, also many buttons for animation and sounds and 20 trains running total.

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