Lionel Truss Bridge 6-82110

I bought one and really like it. I got mine at York when they first came out. Joe G had them for 200.00. It was just what I needed and gave me a lift out area wide enough for a furnace or hot water tank to get through if I had to replace either. I added two girder bridges at either end. Mike Reagan did a video and two bridges together was awesome but I didn't have the real estate. Pic of how I used it............Paul



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bigtruckpete posted:

Is the fast track permanently attached to the bridge or can I remove it and put GarGraves or Ross track in it?

It's in there pretty good, don't really know about removing it. Part of the track over hangs out from the bridge which then in turn is used to make contact with a spring loaded bar. If you replace the track you're have to re-engineer that whole thing.

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Bigtruckpete posted..... Is the fast track permanently attached to the bridge or can I remove it and put GarGraves or Ross track in it?

In the picture I posted the bridge is fast track along with the two girder bridges after that it is Gar Graves track. I got mating pins from Gar Graves to join the fast track to the Gar Graves and have had no problems with running. DAVETY is right, too much work to try and change everything out .....Paul

Although I like the look of FasTrack, I wish Lionel would come up with a compatible non-ballasted track for use with graduated/elevated trestle sets and girder, deck and Warren truss bridges.  The ballast is somewhat hidden on bridges, but I think it looks unusually silly on graduated trestles.

it is a great bridge.  I eventually decided to go with this as my lift out section to enter my layout and very happy I did.  It seems to be well made, looks great, and is super easy to use as a lift out.   My bobbing head cars did not clear the bridge, but that was an easy fix as two pieces they did not clear are easily removed with screws.  no cutting, no damage, everything makes it's way through now.  Love the bridge.

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