YORK, PA WEATHER as of 10/13.

Sunday Oct. 14th. Cloudy 60 deg.

Monday Oct. 15th. Showers 71 deg.

Tuesday Oct. 16th. Sunny 56 deg.

Wednesday Oct. 17th. Sunny 56 deg.

Thursday Oct. 18th. Partly cloudy 52 deg.

Friday Oct. 19th. Partly cloudy 60 deg.

Saturday Oct. 20th. AM showers 57 deg.

Eddie G

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I'll check the weather on Wed before I leave early Thursday morning.  That's when I decide what to pack.  Checking the weather two weeks in advance is a fool's errand, no chance that isn't going to change.

Seems like an American tradition to say the weatherman doesn't know what he's talking about, yet I find they do a pretty good job, considering all the variables involved...of course, I also think the US Post Office is great, too!

But that's just me...

Mark in (wet as predicted, but clearing) Oregon

Sure hope they can hold on to this forecast, with all the rain we've been having, this looks like a dream!   Too bad it's too far in advance to believe it.


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Like when my sister, her two girls and I went to Yellowstone a bunch of years ago in late May. They were calling for sun, and nice temperatures. She checked the weather again a day before we were supposed to catch our flight and it changed to really cold and windy with snow. Our first day was beautiful, but by nightfall it snowed. The next day was extremely windy, cold, and some snow which tapered off. After that it was cold but getting warmer. Last few days were very pleasant like mid to late spring days. You just never know.

Well Eddie, it was still a great time despite one day of great wind and snow. We had such a great time regardless of the weather. One of the highlights was the morning at the Old Faithful Inn. The bison coming through the fog, it was phenomenal. I'd do it again, but in time for the Tetons to be open.

Way better than it could be, and occasionally has been!   From all the wet weather we've seen lately, it's a bit surprising that the forecast is for dry days until Saturday!

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