im planning on using a 1950s zw to power 1 legacy main line 1 conventional inside main line and the 2 accessories controllers to do track switch and animated . do i need to phase the 4 controls or is it already done internal

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Generally all the variable channels on a single unit, like the classic ZW, are already phased properly internally.


(Things get harry when you have multiple taps that are not common, which Lionel has done many times over in some of their classic transformers, so reference this list for the popular permutations that Olsen's kindly hosts: )

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Yep, phase two or more only.

You are fine, all items can share a (fatter) common wire too.

But there are frowned upon tap combos on single (or combo of) transformers sometimes. 

(You should fuse or externally breaker your accessories because they (likely) draw so much less than the ZW breaker trips at. (Actually a fuse and tvs for the tracks would be nice too) (a zw breaker is designed to save the transformer; it does work for the trains somewhat; but they really should have a fuse/breaker of their own smaller than the ZWs. 

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