I have a 263W Lionel prewar tender and the whistle has been removed and is long gone. I would like to install a working whistle. The roller pickups are still there. Originally there was either a WS-80 or WS-37 “banana” whistle I believe. There is very little room in the tender.

Does anyone know the correct whistle number that goes in the 263W and does someone know who might have a working whistle for sale???

Or is there a newer whistle that could be modified to fit the 263W??

Thanks You for your help


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A newer style air whistle will fit, but it has to be elevated on a special bracket so the bottom of the tender shell can slide on top of the frame. You could probably fabricate one; they are not common.  If I recall, they are about 1/4"-3/8" tall.

I've worked with many Lionel whistles both prewar and postwar.  I can find no differences, before they went to plastic cases in the 50's, except for the position of the mounting holes.  I recently repaired a 390 tender that originally had a banana whistle using a postwar whistle.  All I had to do to mount it was drill one hole in the tender frame.  Electrically they are identical.

From the screw hole pattern, it originally had a banana whistle. You can use a common postwar whistle unit from a old coal tender the mounts vertically. But you will need to fabricate a bracket to raise the whistle to clear the round sides of the tender. Like Jon said.

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