4 z1000 bricks vs 1 z4000

Pine Creek Railroad posted:


   Thanks much for meeting me for Brunch at Eaten Park, you me and Bob had a very nice time, and great Train Conversation.   

I have been telling people about the Z4K side receiver for many years, do me a favor and keep an eye out for another one.  Mike G would like to have one now also.  I will make sure you get your purchase money back if you happen to find one before I do.

Bob supplied me with all the MTH Terminal Blocks for the rest of my Train Room Construction.  We will all have to meet for Brunch again some time in the near future.

All the best


Those little Black Z4K Receiver Boxes are great stuff!


Dave, sure sounds like you had a fun day! Thanks for passing the word about a side receiver for me.


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Mark and Mike G,

   Thank you gentlemen for the kind words, it was my pleasure to meet both Mark and Bob.   Mike I wish you could have been at Brunch with us also.  Thought I almost had a side receiver for you Mike the other night, however when I reached the sale sight, the side receiver was all ready sold.  They are going very quickly when they come up for sale.


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