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There is this pretty sweet layout that I want to do.  It is in the latest issue of the OGR magazine.  It is a multi level layout where there is a difference in height by 5.5".   The question I have is that if there is only 5.5" difference between the two levels and where they indicate a tunnel portal, under the upper section how do you put a portal when the height is only 5.5" and make it look real without changing the height of the levels.

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Your scenery looks awesome.  How did you do the rocks?  When you raised your elevation to 6.6" did you have a 4x8 layout?  I like your tunnel portals, what ones did you use that were 7.5" high?  do you have anymore pictures of your layout?  your help is appreciated.
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You can raise the level.  I went 6.6" high and the tunnel portals I was use are 7.75". You can see in the pictures I built up scenery behind the the portals.

Ted's Train 3

Ted's Train 4

Ted's Train 5

teds train 1

teds train 2


here is the link to my FLICKR album.  It sorts oldest first so you need to scroll down to the middle to see the beginning stages of this layout.


The layout is 6x12 with the two feet on one end actually 7 feet long for the yard.


The rocks were made with woodland scenic molds using 20 min drywall mud,  the mountains were made by dipping blue paper shop towels from Home Depot in to the 20 min drywall mud and laying them over a cardboard frame work then slathering on more drywall mud.  This mud is light weight and sets up quickly.  I glued the rocks randomly to the mountains.


Two tunnel portals are MTH they were thrown in with a bunch a stuff I bought a few years ago.  The double wide portals are made out of pink foam board and then I cut up dry wall shims for the ribbing.  Some latex paint and weathering powder and that is about as cheap as I figures out how to do it.


I just moved the layout from my garage to a retail shop where it will be on public display through the New Year.  I have to finish up the yard this weekend which will have Lionel accessories for the kids to operate.  




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