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Accucraft is looking to do a special run of a on30 D&RGW C-25 2-8-0 and is taking orders. If they get enough to justify making it, it will be done. It will be a one time run. So if your layout has a narrow gauge component, here is a chance to get a rare engine.  Look it up on  their website.

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Yeah, even as I have kitbashed two C-15 in their different variants (Durango Switcher and Road Engine), I had placed a pre-order with the Accucraft/AMS folks. But it is not likely that they will jump in and produce that engine since the pre-order numbers have not been met. And it looks like they will not be met anyway. Bad luck for us D&RGW folks out there, and a Baby Mudhen would have been a cool lokie to have...


A number of years back Bruce at SNG was working with Mark at PSC to have Boo-Rim do a run of C-25's , but he couldn't get to the 75 piece reservation number he needed to get it done . I put my name down and had it been done would have sped up my move back to On3 . Can't imagine how nice those would have been with Boo-Rim doing them . Now Bruce is gone and Mark closed PSC for imports - parts business sold of course . Hard to imagine we'll ever see another brass On3 engine . I was on the hunt for a mint PSC version without any luck so I keep looking . Might have more luck on the PSC Kodama 456 I'm looking for .



The AMS C-25 intrigued me and I would have been more than happy to order one but the MSRP was just way too high for me. $2000+ for a narrow gauge model is extreme, especially considering what MMI locos can be had for.
Furthermore, the second run of AMS C-16’s had some major issues in the mechanical department. I have a model from the first run which was great.

Ryan, I hear you. I have two C-16. One, the 278 runs great, while the 268, very obviously out of the second run, derailed on my switches due to a not in gauge driver. This could be easily corrected, though. But with a model of this price I would have not expected that. AMS still has the C-25 listed, but I can´t see them to be produced in the near future. I was hoping they could even make the two C-21 when they had a C-25 frame...

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