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gunrunnerjohn posted:

Here's a Google Maps link: 222 Arsenal Rd, York, PA 17402

Put it into Google Maps on your phone and it'll drive you to the door.

I just went through the flights, it will take me 28 hours and 3 stops to get there from Perth to York for just under $2000 bucks flying Virgin/Delta airlines !

I will pass on this year maybe some other time.   Roo.

Make it a 2-week (or longer) trip.  In addition to the meet, visit Strasburg (TCA museum, Choo Choo Barn, PA museum, Strasburg RR), Amish country, Horseshoe Curve, Gettysburg, many other historic sites, Steamtown, autumn colors. 

I'll bet that if you posted your intentions here, you'd get invitations to a dozen layouts.

Would make a nice spring vacation for you.

That's great Pete. I believe we won't have Alan Arnold with us this time as I think he had said he wouldn't be able to(so I can't tease him about using up all the syrup). We will be graced by Allan Miller so we have to make sure he gets some syrup if he is having anything he would need to put that on. I'll try not to soak my pancakes if I am having any this time around. See what my stomach is in the mood for.

Dennis210 posted:

Where is the vegemite? 

I carry it in my suitcase!

Mallard 4468 that does indeed sound like a great trip. Now if I can convince the wife to go back to Perth from the UK the opposite way next year we could do it.  You guys make me laugh which is a good thing don't take life to serious enjoy yourself. Roo.



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Dave NYC Hudson PRR K4 posted:

We try not to Roo. I always said going out to York is great because I always get a few good laughs just from normal everyday stuff. Mike Reagan is always good for a few when he is talking to people at the OGR meetings(Fridays) or when you talk to him one on one.

You sound like a good bunch of people it's great that some people can still enjoy themselves, so you eat and drink a few more calories than you should the laughing and talking will make up for it. I wish you well. Roo.

Putnam Division posted:


Looking forward to seeing travels to all. is now officially “wear your train tie to work week”.


That's a cool idea.    For me, it will be train T-shirts for work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.   I head to York 2am on Thursday morning.   I won't arrive in time for breakfast.   Maybe next year with the two day meet schedule.


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Another great time.......we had over 50 people!!!!!
Just a thought.......breakfast is moved to Fridays from now on.....likely 0645-0830.

Thank you for all who really makes the event a success! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everyone's camaraderie. The OGR Forum thrust all of us "lone wolf" hobbyists into a social hobby.....and I believe we are all better for it.

It means a lot to me to actually meet and converse with those I communicate online with. 

I can truly say that I have friends from all over the country that I see twice a year!




Great job as usual Peter 

This  is for Alan what type and size must the photos be for your magazine jpg tiff , etc 10x 11? Stu Chase would like to send you his layout pictures to you as per your conversation last York in April 


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redjimmy1955 posted:

Thanks hosting, Peter. I finally met Gerry and Greg and many others from the ribbing and friendship at the breakfast.

It was great to meet you as well, Mark!


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