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Our initial plan was to operate the section in the layout at the NNGC37 however we ran behind schedule a little and we are only going to display the section alongside the LT&N. We plan to debut the section in operation on the LT&N at the December Boulder Train Expo. I will have been able to finish up scenery and the river bed. 



Look at all those cast details from Scale City Designs!!



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Our initial plan was to operate the section in the layout at the NNGC37 however we ran behind schedule a little and we are only going to display the section alongside the LT&N. We plan to debut the section in operation on the LT&N at the December Boulder Train Expo. I will have been able to finish up scenery and the river bed.

Propah Modelin'  

Thank you Max, Dick and Bill! 

Review of conceptual illustrations


Details of bridges and supporting structures are well researched and documented. Scene is designed to depict a river crossing by a Front Range short line that replaced a trestle used by the preceding narrow gauge railroad. The east end was washed out by a flood during WWII and wartime restrictions dictated use of available materials rather than new construction. The plate girder bridge was used to span the new channel formed by the flood. It was salvaged from a class 1 road and the trestle approach repaired. A pile pier was used on the east end for speed and economy.

Bridge deck structures and trestle follow D&RGW standards. Guard rails are fully spiked as per D&RGW standards.

The cut on the west end is narrow by Standard gauge standards, but it was excavated by a narrow gauge railroad and with no demand for oversize clearances, it was never widened. Short lines are notable for their economics.

The display breaks down into two five foot modules after the through truss is removed. The modules and legs weight appox 50#.
The structure will support a 200# load without damage.



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Thanks for the compliments and interest in our little project.  Progress has been slow because of lack of work space and trying to make the removable bridge over a module joint simple and foolproof.  Took over the garage for several weeks and finally got the basics built,  at lease enough so Eric can start working his magic.  Ours is a near perfect partnership,  I make a mess and he makes it look FANTASTIC!! 

We have discussed doing some articles or a column,  nothing firm yet.  Meantime follow our progress here on our website:

Have been using crates to transport modules but standing on edge was rough on scenery.  Cart roll off trailer and to display area without much effort.  Getting too old to work all that hard.  Wheels are Rubbermaid cart replacement casters, 5" wheels roll easily on carpet, rated at 500#.  

Bridge a big hit at 37th NNGC, it was fun but many hours.  

“Many hours” is an understatement.. management put at least 5 world class layouts in a “public” space open 24 hours with one gaurd. After show closed the general public including Denver’s finest to have free roam.. and within 10’ of these layouts are doors to parking lot. Real cute, removed all valuables every night and couldn’t leave layouts unattended for 4 straight looong days. 7am - 10pm. Not happy at all however the show was excellent otherwise  




The Bridge section was incredibly popular. It was nice visiting with folks like Tony Koester, David Stewart, Merlyn Lauber, and Jimmy Booth about the project. Several times we were asked to enter it in the contest. Maybe the next Convention when I’m finished with the scenery detail  


The Longmont Terminal & Northern exhibited very well at this venue despite the poor security conditions. We had a nice time at the 37th Annual National Narrow Gauge Convention 


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Myron Cunningham was an excellent crew chief 


Old friends like Fred Douge and Merlyn Lauber from Cedar Falls, Iowa 


The fine gentleman on the left is a profound modeler and what a great privilege to be able to gain from his experience and knowledge. 



Mr Booth of Glacier park Models 


Greg Posta and Bob Meyer 

Thanks Bob for helping out this week! 


 Crowds all week


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John p. Johnson posted:
Engineer-Joe posted:

Hey, you can't do that! 

No fun in 2 rail I was told.

Rivet counting is allowed though. 

We don't encourage counting,  but checking size, shape and spacing is ok.  It's a hobby everyone can enjoy!  

John, I even caught a 3 trailer (railer) *iphone spellcheck.. among the Narrow minded! John Gardberg runs our local TCA venue and he is also a fan of quality modeling. 




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Progress report on bridge modules:  Wiring and trackwork is done,  bridge lifts off for transport without any plugs or rail joint fuss.  Test run performed flawlessly on first try.  Will deliver to Erik this week for the scenery treatment.   Still shooting for Dec.  BMRC train show for the big introduction.  All i have to do now is built the 10' of balancing modules and carts.  Are we having fun yet?

I’m doing it! Started today on scenery. Johnson delivered the bridge to my workshop this morning. 



John is a machine! He did it all; no corners were cut anywhere. 


Heat and Cinder shields per Rio Grande standards simulated fastening in place  


J hook bolts hold the deck down per prototype standards 


All correctly placed and sized NBW and bolts washers and fasteners per Rio Grande Standard 


Resin cast piers are exactly what I wanted them to turn out like. Hey look are those Scale City Designs feet? Why yes they are!! 


Just right just like the prototype we are going for. That ever so slight wriggle in the track. John this is incredible; museum exhibit quality for certain. 



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Small correction:  pier and abutment were cut from MDF (old treadmill base),  not resin castings.  Very stable material.  Used table saw on slight angle to mill sides (use EXREME caution when doing this kind of stunt).  Painted an off white color,  applied light wash of acrylic paint to get reddish hue then used India ink/alcohol mixture for rust streaks.  Found most of the color in concrete is the sand as the cement flakes away over time,  thus the reddish hue (it is Colorado!).  Erik has already ballasted the track and started ground textures.  I just dropped the modules off at his place YESTERDAY! 

The bridge is removable for transport.  Installed wipers on the top of the pier/abutment and contacts on the bottom of bridge.  Worked perfectly on first try.  Bridge literally drops in place with no plugs or joiners to mess with.  Takes longer to get it out of the box!

Next project:  10' of modules to balance bridge.   Think Gramps refinery!

Sorry about that John 

I had a good day of progress; it’s all timing for the adhesives to set so I’m glad I was able to get some basic ground treatments in before I begin the static grasses and dimensional work in place. 

Martin, I made many attempts today over on O S T with no luck uploading. My screen goes all blank and keeps telling me to wait for 1 minute to help you avoid spam. 





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