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Dual gauge....three rail prototype...Colorado railroading..beautiful .

Not even close, 🤣

But worth a good laugh, 2 gauges in one track isn’t 2 rail with an electrical pickup rail in the middle although subways are getting close but still I see no subways in my mountains. With dual gauge the center rail isn’t even centered perfectly like toy trains. I wish it was I could save a lot of time hand laying dual gauge track… 🤪 cute buddy but no dice my man 🎲

@mwb posted:

Very nice in every way.  How long is that unit and how easily transported?

This section is 10’ long into 2 parts.


My friend and I built these free-mo modules as sections to be used as photo props and a portable railroad or installed into home benchwork for a future home layout which they are set up now and running as modules in my home. My friend John and I started out together in 2013 with a plan to do a O scale group and it never really took off like we hoped but it’s still there for anyone wanting to get involved. John has a 25’ trailer with carts that all the sections fit into neatly and stow. We set it up at the OSNC in 2021 it was a success ran beautiful for 4 days. They are frames of wood with styrofoam cores and splines for roadbed. My Z scale and n scale is the same only smaller all DCC. You can browse this thread that is now some 8 years old and follow along the process. Fun hobby, thanks for keeping us going! Good job at OST, it’s loved greatly.



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This section is 10’ long into 2 parts.

Makes a good break length that.

a plan to do a O scale group and it never really took off like we hoped

I know that pathway.....never reaching critical mass.

Good job at OST, it’s loved greatly.

Thanks and that. We do what we can and work as best as possible with what we have......and more always is welcomed. I keep a lead brick on my desk for banging about this mad bugger's head.

@Yves posted:

Could you post a picture or two of the junction between the two modules? It is hard to see how they connect.

The result is incredibly beautiful and realistic.

Yves, it uses an interface that is identical to all other sections, the scenery is completely finished while together and I used a very prototype sand bar as the division and I seal it with a hard shell of adhesive and basic scenery work to hide the division. Scenery is not foam rubber in reality and whenever possible I try to recreate scenery in fashion with the Europeans, they produce such a wonderful array of products that bring the 3D nature of the scenery we see in reality in miniature. I added a few pictures here showing the sections set up at a local show, Doug Gieger a very well known author and railroad enthusiast both scale and 1:1 was in bliss over the progress. Installed into a basement or portable it will always survive. 2EF43EF3-30F2-4542-96EE-760776EBA1C9919D1908-CAB6-4020-9834-9C26B09449F1


Friends, Gerald Styles and John Johnson


Doug Gieger and John Johnson


This fellow is retired bridge civil engineer that worked the Rio Grande and Rock Island; he was stunned at the precision of the ‘working miniature’ status of this simulation. Most layouts the bridges are simply glued to resin cast piers or blocks of wood. We made this a 1/48 scale model; with a story and purpose. That’s the fun to me! I love the history.


Bob Kjelland the chair of the upcoming 2023 O Scale National Convention was on hand for this debut this fall 2019 day. Fun times  


I’ll never need to cut it up if I move or decide to rearrange my life. I’ve dismantled 4 home layouts in the last 10 years, and 1 club layout; everything I build from this point on will be movable, I am 47 and likely will move again in my life. And I don’t want a layout so big I can’t ever finish it. I enjoy my trains now and want to run my trains and anymore I prefer to do it with my son and not a huge club. It’s a leisure hobby I don’t want politics and don’t want interpersonal issues.


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