That's a good looking piece of wall art..congratulations.


I needed some parts to complete a small O-Gauge passenger car. I called a dear friend in Florida to see if he had any. He had just the part. He said that he would mail the half dozen parts to me. I didn't think about it any longer. The parts arrived in a priority mailer. Inside the USPS mailer was a like new Parts Envelope from Madison Hardware that had my parts..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



My Two-Cents                 


4 Lionel Items in the past 2 and every item was still sealed in the box.


#21752  Conrail JB Hunt Trailer Unit Train


#8006 Lionel's JC Penny's 4-6-4 Silver Shadow Hudson with Display Case


#18314 Century Club GG1 with Display Case


#18045 Gray Commodore Vanderbilt



All Lionel!!

Postwar, MPC, LTI Standard O, PWC, CC, Plasticville..All the way!!!!


I picked up some items at the Hamburg, PA show last Sunday:


6464-525 M&StL Boxcar and 6802 LL flat with girders to complete a 1958 Super O GP9 set for the dealer I repair for.  He has the other cars, the GP in OB and the set box.


A chrome Marx two light tower.  I'm trying to replace the black towers on my layout with the harder to find chrome ones.  I've got 6 or 7 now.


Many parts.  The two shops I service for continue to keep me very busy.

PRR by Lionel

Eastern PA Mountains, between Oley and Boyertown

Nothing since that Stone Mill kit I hunted for a few years.  I have it  built and am building it a log flume ...only about 3/5th of one of two towers needed built cutting and notching bamboo stakes.Not an exciting job, and I am a slacker, but am even thinking about building a cabin and log shafthouse from this stuff...hope I forget about that.  Uh, wasn't that Drake (first) Oil Well in Pa. built with logs? (never mind)

??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!

Originally Posted by Matt Makens:

I found this on that one site the day before my birfday. Ive been looking for this for a year and a half. The frame is a Micheal's off the shelf. Looks nice


Guys!!! That is not just some poster that you can get at Michaels. That is a signed and numbered Angela Trotta Thomas print circa 2001. She only made 750. Only the frame came from Michaels. I have a copy too. I met Angela at the TCA convention in 2002 and bought that one and two others.


I recently scored a goodie from Trainz on the bay. I finally found a K-line 21" Milwaukee Road skytop obs to complete my set which will be pulled by 261, for excursion specials on my layout. It should be here later this week.

Originally Posted by Matt Makens:

Hey Elliot, I'm gonna stop buy tomorrow after work and drop off your 2 Canada hoppers from MTH and some more wire

Sounds good Matt. If you make it before 6 you could meet Patrick.


By the way, what number is the print? Mine is 326.

Originally Posted by Matt Makens:

Hey Elliot, I'm gonna stop buy tomorrow after work and drop off your 2 Canada hoppers from MTH and some more wire

Sounds good Matt. If you make it before 6 you could meet Patrick.

By the way, what number is the print? Mine is 326.

Mine is 203

Recently I made a couple of acquisitions at incredible prices.  The first was a Lionel legacy SD 70ACE in the fantasy Virginian livery for only $320.00 from Sidetrack Hobbies.  The other was a set of MTH 418 Standard Gauge orange Passenger cars I won on E-Bay for the incredible price of $230.00.  This set is in virtually like new condition.  I don't get lucky very often so this was quite unusual for me. 

just purchased two Kline Reading ore cars

and a Lionel CP GP-9 powered unit off the For Sale


Is this a great place to shop or what.

I could get fat and happy using this computer thing,

(although Im not particular about computers)!!!


Originally Posted by Passenger Train Collector:

"I finally found a K-line 21" Milwaukee Road skytop obs"


Great find Elliott. One of the nicest style observation cars ever made.

Thanks Brian, and I agree.


I should have thought to ask you this a long time ago. Did K-line ever release the six car Milwaukee Road set that included the Cedar Rapids? The one I found was the Dell Rapids. At this point, I'm just happy to have one, but if I was going to get picky about it, the Cedar Rapids would be the bomb.

Absolutely! Got the 3rd Rail/GGD B&O Columbian Passenger cars!


Now I gotta get the layout expansion done so that I can run them!



Formerly Historic Frederick County, Maryland.  Now close to Baltimore.  Modeling both the Reading and B&O Railroads.


Caleb 10/14/15 - 10/19/19, I'll miss you buddy!

Have been purchasing lots of "cool" stuff for my layout project: Engines, some rolling stock, and just purchased about 30 switches/turnouts. (Enough to do "Phase One" when I am ready to start that.)  Acquiring is fun... it's the work that follows that I sometimes bog down in!

the list is too long .

5-tunnel portals

3 retaining walls.

9 ore cars

2 coal cars

2 box cars

UP Berkshire JR

Crescent locomotive works station and 2 short 1 long platforms

Cresent Locomotive works servicing platforms

Cresent Locomotive works watchman shed

2 cruise commanders

1 railsounds

1 water tower

1 SD40 T-2

6 fastrack switches

50 10 inch track

coal tower

 this list doesn't include any wood or scerney ground cover I bought which I bought ballast tree's and such.


Don't ask my wife she might say I have an Issue. but the way she is looking at it it's cheaper than my hotrod. last summer it got new paint new suspension new trans new motor  new radiator new drive shaft, new exhaust. new sound system, so trains are cheaper






here is the watchman shanty and the servicing platforms

I would love every aspect of model railroading if it wasn't for the wiring and soldering  


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