I have a customers Williams crown edition challenger that I'm doing an up grade on. The engine has been sitting for a while and the tires are dryed up and falling apart. I have the tires that came with it and and four of the tires are easy to do but I don't Know how the ecentrics come off to get the tire on?


I have never done one of these before and can use some advice. Thanks for any help.





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I can't see clearly in the picture, but I just did four drivers on my 2-6-6-6 and for me, it wasn't a screw, but a 4mm (I think...) bolt.  I used a small hobby wrench to back it out; there's usually a spacer between the rod and wheel which comes out as well.  One the bolt and the spacer are out, the rod assembly will hang down and can be rotated out of the way.  At that point the old tire can be removed (I used hobby pliers and just pulled it off) and the new tire can be threaded through and attached.  Mine weren't as tight as I thought they would be but I'm sure some are worse than others.  


Hopefully someone knows how to loosen that rod, be it a pin, nut, screw, bolt, or whatever. 


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