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Another entertaining and informative video, Chris. I shows that good video production is just as important as content to keep eyeballs happy. I made my first edited train video this year and it's a lot of fun to shoot and try to make something out of them. ( I don't want to hijack your thread, but I'll send a link if you are interested)

I also saw your hobo reference. Did you watch some Stobe the Hobo?

Thanks @Alex M!

@mike g. thanks! I am terrified of doing a real product review as the online wolves will come after me for missing details. I like keeping it short, sweet and high level!

@Jay Francis, thank you! That is what I was going for so I am glad it came through in the video.

Now onto figuring out how to review power and control on the layout without a 10 minute shot of my transformer....

In the meantime, I made a short Channel Trailer that came out pretty well. Enjoy and Happy St Patricks Day!

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Thanks @BOB WALKER! There has been quite a bit of analysis of the Menards piece here on the forum. I had a blast with that engine and have still been enjoying it. I even took it into my local hobby shop so they could get a closer look. I was interested to see how Menards approached this in a similar way to the Lionchief products. I am curious to see what is next for them in this market.


Real Nice layout. Like the curve  support structure.

As a former engineer, I just could not use the trestles to just support the FastTrack as you did.

This was my issue with using the older Lionel trestles to support old Lionel Track.  My question was: What supports the track from trestle to trestle?; the track itself? Ordinarily, from a trestle to a trestle there would first be some sort of support structure; beams or a truss; then on top of that would be the track. FastTrack like any other track when used above a surface looks more real with a support structure under it. It's tricky to do under curved track.

I guess I could imagine that the material under the FastTrack is some sort of concrete slab that spans the trestles but its much too thin proportionally for the spans.


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