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I attach the press release announcing the historic liveries marking the CTA's 75th anniversary, including the green, cream and orange scheme (my favorite) it used on its #1-50 and #6000 cars back in the 1950s and subsequent years. The CTA also maintains an historic fleet, which will be utilized to mark this benchmark. Kudos and congratulations to the CTA!

NOTE: This is a CTA photo, and is contained within the CTA press release.



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Still have many items all keys personal metal badge now a simple cloth badge sewn on from my days operating the 2000 lake st trains 6000 douglas/congress trains the 2200 series we called the silver bullet and the at the time modern 2600 series trains

The 2000 series trains that traveled the rails right next to the dan ryan expressway would go as fast as 70mph passing cars then they governed the motors to 55mph as the cab signal would only allow.

The 6000 series were my favorite even though a sweat box in the heat and humidity and to hand roll up all those windows in the yard if one had that shift was a arm workout.

Could write a book and then some of the adventures as a conductor /motorman /switchman/ flagman some good some very sad .

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Thanks for sharing this news.  I just recently bought this 4-car MTH CTA PS3 set from Trainz and it's nice to know it's still relevant in Chicago.  Even though they aren't running it these days, they certainly pay homage to it.

BTW, it reminds me of how cool the Illinois Railway Musuem is.  I look forward to visiting there again soon.




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