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Have noticed in some of the photos posted here that the different companies use different shades of gray on their B&O equipment. Having 'grown up' with the handsome Lionel 2368 F3, I've always preferred a light shade without having knowledge of the prototype colors which I gather are considerably darker - both the gray AND the blue.

Look how light they look here. Obviously, photos can be non-conclusive.

200722735512_BO F3 ABBA 84

Who produces the closest to true B&O colors?

TruColor? Scalecoat?


Earlier in this thread I posted this picture of my Lionel F3 units that I intended to sell.


After a little bit of reflection I recalled what drew me to these to begin with.





The face of a keeper.


The A-A units will be keepers.  I have not ever run these yet.  So will be putting some track on the floor and go to it.  Interest reading the Lionel instruction manual found that these are setup from the factory as a "lash-up" right out of the box.  We will see.


The powered B-unit will hit the For Sale board soon.


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All right, run for the very first time since purchased so many years ago.


Definitely a keeper!

ADDENDUM:  When packaging the power unit notice that the bag containing the tire also had two sets of three flags that can be inserted in holders each side of cab window.  There are "white" extra flags, "green" section flags, and two sets of American Flags but unfortunately all are 50-star pattern.  Was hoping that one set would have been a 48-star pattern.  Still a nice detail!


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My "hometown" was served by 5 class-1 roads in the day.    The B&O being one of them.  Our B&O station was something.  Just did a search for pictures.

B&OStation #5

B&OStation #4

B&OStation #3

B&OStation #2

B&OStation #1

My understanding is that the old station is now a restaurant.  Sure do hope I get back up there before!


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Here's a B&O Hudson ( they owned 4 ) on the Free State Junction Railway, some B&O cabooses, and passenger cars.IMG_3086IMG_3076IMG_3089IMG_3085IMG_3083IMG_3082IMG_3078IMG_3079IMG_3077IMG_3085IMG_3091IMG_3092IMG_3093IMG_3096IMG_3120IMG_3111IMG_3166IMG_3090

Cheers and Happy Railroading,

Patrick W  

CEO - The Free State Junction Railway 

" Where the music is sweet and the trains always run on time"

Home Office - Patsburg, Maryland 


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With a leased Rio Grande rotary plow ( blades turning ) , an FA 2b for rotary plow power, two B&O GP9s, B&O combine, and a B&O Jordan speaker, we have a B&O summer drill snow plow extra on the Mountain Division of the Free State Junction Railway.  

Cheers and Happy Railroading,

Patrick W  

CEO - The Free State Junction Railway 

" Where the music is sweet and the trains always run on time"

Home Office - Patsburg, Maryland 


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The B&O used to set up a train display at the CG&E/Cinergy/Duke building in downtown Cincinnati, OH from Thanksgiving to New Year's.  My Dad and I would make a day trip out of it by visiting the large layout, eating lunch, and visiting a hobby shop or two along the way.  What memories!

Now, the layout is housed & displayed at the Cincinnati Union Terminal.

Here are a few pictures over the years of B&O and C&O stuff.



Phil in Ohio




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some Chessie/C&O U-boats, a Lionel U30C and a Williams U33C. The Williams unit was a custom paint, after gutting it for another project. I am now re-thinking that decision and may decide to re-power it and add some sound...







And now a Weaver U25b and a Williams GP-38...





And finally a Williams E7 pair. My God these units are huge! They barely fit on the diorama. I'm glad I didn't buy a "B" unit! ...




Next time I'll dig out some B&O steam.



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