Fast Acting Circuit Breakers

I haven't specifically timed them, but easily within a second. Even if I am right at the transformer, they trip faster than I can react. I run all command MTH, so I use the 5 amp ones. They probably trip faster than higher amperage ones would. I will try to time them tomorrow. I can run three engines with smoke and only be at 4 amps.


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One of the best solutions which I have found for fast acting breakers is the PSX-1 from Tony's Trains.  It was designed for operation of model trins.  It is very reliable and the amperage at which the breaker throws is able to be changed.  The specs are available on the web site.  It costs about $45 and well worth the money.


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Big Mike G,

   I have been looking for you all over the place for the Side Receiver for the Z4K.  Barry is correct again, they are becoming very hard to purchase.  I will keep looking, from time to time somebody sells one on the Bay or Google.  If you see one purchase it right away, I will purchase one for you if I see one surface.  They go for about $39.99 - $50.00 now.


Picture of the Z4000 Receiver in its original package.  You can actually Daisy Chain this piece of MTH Technology, expanding your DCS HHRC package for Conventional Engines greatly.


Thanks Dave, I am still looking also! Thanks for the offer, if you find one please do grab it for me and I will take care of the cost and shipping!


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