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Hi Folks,

We've been working on the B&O Capitol Ltd. project design. The first round of designs are now posted on our web site.

As you will see, we didn't spare any details for this train. We are still in the process of checking and correcting some details, but we wanted you to know that this will go into production right after the Superliners, March 2024, to be finished around June. You still have time to reserve your Capitol Ltd. set. We won't close reservations until we have to order parts sometime in February 2024.


Happy Holidays from Scott and the Sunset Gang,


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Any Chesapeake and Ohio experts out there?  It seems that some/most/all of these B&O cars with the fluted sides might also be correct for the C&O too.  If so, maybe GGD could offer these cars in C&O paint as extra individual cars?  I don’t think accurate C&O passenger cars have been made by any manufacturer/importer (other than the recent GGD “Chessie” cars, which were very specific to that train).  It would be nice to have some of the more common C&O pool passenger cars to go with all of the O scale C&O locomotives out there.

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