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I’m building a small layout (5x8) using some K-Line’s SuperSnap track I had on hand.  Nothing elaborate (yet), no Command Control.  The layout will have 2 K-line SuperSnap automated switches.  Until I get another transformer, I’m going to have to power them from track voltage, even though the switch instructions discourage this.

My question is how to wire the switches for automated control.  The K-Line switch instructions show 4 wires connecting to the terminals on the switch.  Three go to the switch controller.  Where does the 4th wire connect to?  I’ve read and re-read the instructions, but can find nothing about the 4th wire – the instructions show it clearly in Figure 3, but the text does not mention it.

However, I still can’t figure out where the 4th wire goes, and would greatly appreciate any help fellow OGR Forum members can give me.

I'm attaching a page from the instructions showing the switch wiring with and without track power.  My apologies for the poor lighting and resolution.


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  • K-Line Switch Controlller Wiring: Page 3 from the instructions
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Thanks very much, Joe - the manual you attached is exactly what I needed, much clearer than the instructions I had.

I think this answers the question -- just attach the shorting bar to the 2nd terminal (which allows track power to power the switches), then there's no 4th wire (to the constant voltage source).

Thanks again Joe, and for your speedy reply.


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