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I would like to add SPDT mini switches and LEDs to my control panel graphic that will allow me to control report status from my Fastrack switches. Can I do this in addition to keeping the OEM Lionel Fastrack controls?

This is from Geysergazer in showing the 4 wire connection to a Fastrack switch... could I just run the RYGB out to the Fasttrack controller and use either/both switches?

What would be the base way to wire the setup?



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Inside the stock remotes are two momentary contact push button switches that the hand controlled lever depress at each end of its travel.  These micro-switches momentarily short either the Red or Green wire to GND, to change the turnout’s position.  It’s possible to wire additional momentary type switches in parallel for operating the same turnout at other locations.  The additional momentary control switches can be either toggle or push button type.

The stock LED position indicators in the remote are red/green bi-color. If desired one could instead use one red and one green LED wired with opposite polarities.

The yellow wire passes either a +5 or -5 VDC signal (from the turnout) referenced to the black GND wire.  This signal drives the remote's LED indicators either red or green depending on the turnout’s position.

It has been said by others that there is a limit of 2-3 total controllers/indicators per switch, depending on the current drawn by the additional LEDs’ loading.

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@Stephen Sharpe

My apologies, it's been a while since I was inside one of the remotes and I was going from memory earlier today. Opened a remote this evening.

Correction, the stock remote actually has a pair of red and green LED's (one pair at the top, another at the bottom), not bi-color LEDs.

Inside, three are also 2 two reverse current blocking diodes, one blocking diode for each like colored LED pair.  Each individual LED also appears to have it's own 464Ω current limiting resistor.

When wiring your own, I would suggest using blocking diodes and current limiting resistors as they're not part of the circuit inside the turnout.  Without these, the additional LEDs likely won't last very long.  There's also the potential risk of overloading the RSC Lights driver circuitry inside the turnout without the current limiting resistors in series with the LEDs.

In this application, the purpose for using a reverse current blocking (rectifier) diode is to help protect the LEDs from reverse polarity current burning through the one way semiconducting material inside the LEDs.  Rectifier diodes have a much higher reverse polarity breakdown voltage than LEDs.

Optimal resistance values of current limiting resistors determine the brightness of LEDs and keep the forward current at safe levels for both the supply and the LEDs.

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