K-Line Delaware & Hudson (D&H) RS3 Diesel w/TMCC

Looking to buy a K-Line Delaware & Hudson (D&H)  RS-3 Diesel equipped with Lionel's TMCC/Rail-sounds and Fan driven smoke unit. Used is ok as long as it's not abused.   I'm not sure if Atlas O  made an O Gauge D&H RS-3 Diesel equipped with Lionel TMCC/ Rail-sounds and smoke unit...?  If they did, I would be interested in that, or the K-Line Unit. Thank you. 

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You may be right. I thought I saw photos of one in an article in a Magazine but it was a while ago and I could be mistaken. I know MTH just released one with PS 3.0 but was looking to stay with TMCC, and Lionel's RS-3's, although the paint is well done, the stamped steel side railings and end rails detract from the Model. Thanks for your response.

Like Sam stated above, I don't know of any K-Line D&H RS3's ever being produced.  Being a big D&H fan, I'd like to know if there were!

Atlas, on the other hand, did offer one quite a few years ago in their Trainman Line.  There was a 3-rail "Conventional" and TMCC/RailSounds-version...and a 2-rail version as well.  Click here to see it on the Atlas website.

I own the Conventional version pictured below in its original brand-new condition before I detailed and weathered it.


Hope this helps...and good luck with your search!

Joe A.

Enjoying this Great Hobby in memory of Dad & Pop...the "original Joe's" responsible for my interest in trains!!


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Hello Joe,  The Atlas RS-3 is striking in the D&H Road-name.  I will admit to being wrong, it must have been the Atlas D&H RS-3 I saw. I remember doing a Google search sometime ago for D&H RS-3 in O Gauge and I "thought" there was a photo of a nice RS-3 in a scene and it was listed as K-line but obviously it wasn't.  I would certainly be happy with the Atlas version with TMCC but I would imagine they are quite hard to come by these days...Thanks for taking the time to reply....Thanks also to you "Rattler21"....I don't know why it was kicking your e-mails back to you....I have responded to you directly through your posted e-mail address on the Forum....Thanks all..

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