I am looking for a suggestion on layout height for the first level. I am considering 36 inches in height then adding 8 inches to make sure I can run my atlas double stack 40/45 ft Gunderson sets. I am not married to them and would sell them off.

 I am asking because I now have grand kids and I want them to see and run trains.

Suggestion, recommendations and pictures are appreciated.y plan is an L-Shape that is 10 ft wide by 10 ft wide with the “L” portion 14 ft long


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My deck height is 36" and that is good for operating while sitting. Trains are a little below eye-level, just enough to see over and be able to operate a train behind. Grandkids ought to view it just about right while standing.



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 If your planning a layout that is going to be a long term project or your dream one. I would go with a height more like 46”s. Lots more room when working under it. You can work from a sitting position. A lot easier than laying on your back doing wiring. You can build a platform for the kids to view the layout. The kids will grow over time. Your layout won’t.  If your buying scale rolling stock loaded with details. At 36”s . I think if your operating from a standing position. Your looking at mostly the roofs. 
 If your planning a multi level layout. Then the 36” might work best.

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