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Happy Friday everyone!

During this stressful time for everyone, I thought a thread of our fun/silly/fanciful things on our layouts would be great.

What I mean by silly/fun: it can be anything from alien, monsters, little people in amusing situations, non-scale figures, etc.

So let’s see what you guys have!


The Dr. Visits the layout in his TARDIS


Uh-oh! When the Marshalls went to the Land of the Lost, a dinosaur went to the Land of the Layout!


Some moonshiners stumble upon Sasquatch's territory marker. Little do they know that they are not alone....


Two Aliens visit Earth to pick up their favorite soda.


A curious yeti visits two campers in the mountains.


The Army ties to capture the elusive Bigfoot!

Gumby says “hi” to those passing by



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The closest I have ever gotten to "funny" or "silly" on a layout, has been making my interpretation of a Rosebowl/ThanksgivingDay-type parade, right down the middle of a village street. I felt the large figures you see used here were a fair (but likely silly? Fanciful?) representation of the huge floats which have characterized such parades thru the decades since I lived on the Upper Westside of Manhattan, right behind the Natural History Museum, where the floats get inflated early in the morning of the day of the parade, and everybody in the neighborhood, and plenty of tourists,

photo 1holidayparadephoto 4holidayparade [2)photo[3)photo 2aaacongregate to watch the phenomenon unfold.


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rjsmithindy posted:

The caped crusaders hot on Joker’s trail!  Who knows what celebrity is about to pop out of the window? 

I like it!

Here's an idea for a variation on that scene.

As I recall, when I originally saw that scene, even as a 7 or 8 year old I could tell that it was filmed by having them walk on a flat surface with the camera turned sideways.  (At the time, I had no idea how funny that show really was!)  So, lay the building on its back, so that they're walking on a level surface, and see how many visitors get the joke.

Bill T,

Run forest run! 



I am laughing way too hard at the PRR camelback  



I love it! You just gave me a great idea and it involves the Bud Iced Penguin… "doo-bee, doo-bee, doo" 



Most excellent! Where did you get those figures? I think my layout could benefit from the Caped Crusaders  



I see that I'm not the only one who has aliens invading his layout! haha!



Oscale_Trains_Lover_ posted:


Most excellent! Where did you get those figures? I think my layout could benefit from the Caped Crusaders  

I found them through eBay. They are Heroclix game pieces and are perfect for O gauge. You can find almost any super hero and their villain counterpart.  You will need to carefully remove the figures from their game base.  They can add some fun to your layout. 

I was just searching an old portable hard-drive for pics for another thread and came across these pics.   My son was 8 (he's 18 now) when the pics were taken and he had lost all interest in trains except for military ones.  He also loved (and still does) all things Godzilla (chalk it up to being on the autistic spectrum).   I went down the basement one evening to relax after coming home from work only to find this on the layout:


I don't have any pics (all lost when an old pc crashed) but over the years up to 2 yrs ago when I tore down my old layout, I'd periodically find a sniper on building roof, artillery barrel peeking out of a tunnel, or a parade of tanks running down main street.   Good memories!



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Thank you for the info!



They are cousins on the bigfoot's mother side!



Love the vast collection of Godzilla figures. Him holding the subway car is perfect! 



I have not had scrapple in a long time, now I'm hungry! 



I think you need to raise the height of the platform's room so Fortescue can have some shade too! 



I wont say his name (2 more times and we are in a world of trouble haha), but it looks superbly silly! Excellent!



It was a slow day in late 1949 when two shifter crews decided to play tug-a-war.  The B28, a USRA 0-6-0 design, seems like the best bet to win.  But the old A4, "Old 13", the largest production 0-4-0 made, still had some fight in it.

The firemen are ready to give the signal while a trackman will judge the winner.

Switcher Saturday pics 001Switcher Saturday pics 003

Well, Old 13 won which surprised everyone but the big A5's crew. 

Switcher Saturday pics 008

After turning Old 13 to start work, the two crews waved at each other in a show of good sportsmanship.


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  • Switcher Saturday pics 003
  • Switcher Saturday pics 008

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