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Looked for 6464 boxcars to fill the Postwar boxcar hole I have.   Found many, couldn't afford a few.   A stack of BRLT's for all my railsound equipment that still needs them. The last bridge I need for the overhead layout.   Plus some affordable bricks I ran across.   Surprised I couldn't find 3 of the 6014 cars on my list.   Had a great time.   My wife bought some Plasticville and layout sculpturing tools.   


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  • York finds: Postwar box cars.
@Richizzle07 posted:

I’m getting nervous that @Traindiesel and his evil York Meet twin had a major disagreement when he did his unboxing from the UPS delivery he had. He’s gone MIA since his lunch.

LoL I’m just too curious!!!

No fears, Rich!  I’ve never ever communicated with my evil twin. He just appears for a week twice a year, sometimes during local train events too!

Since we got home I’ve been diverted to house projects because lots of family are arriving in two weeks for my mother in law’s funeral. That and a couple Padres games and I had to watch the Sixers!  I haven’t even cut open the boxes yet!  I can hear the screams of the trains wanting to come out. It’s such a lovely sound. I’ll carve..ahem… out some time tomorrow for some pics!

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