I was having trouble with my Sd 80 mac making a grinding noise from the front truck.Found the front motor was grinding on the gears.Pulled the shell off and found a loose motor.I can see the motor screws are loose.My question would be how to achieve access to the screw heads.Any help would be appreciated Thanks.    

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When this era TMCC diesel was manufactured, Lionel designed what I refer to as the "PITA" truck assembly.

The motor actually screws into a mounting plate from the bottom; unfortunately, you have to remove that mount plate from above. I haven't done mine recently, but the screws that hold both pickup rollers will need to come out along with any other forgotten screws I'm over-looking from memory....

You'll see the mounting plate in question once you remove the shell and get some visual access.

You need to remove screws 30&38 and it will come apart,make sure you don't lose the thrust bearing 14,also the axle bearings have a flat on them and have to be lined up properly. I have 6 of the NYC SD-80's and every one of them had loose motor screws.



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