I have a second generation model 60. As long as I have owned it, about 20 years I have had an issue with the trolley pole over swinging in one direction. It operates fine in all other regards. This was not a problem but now that I have retired I am working on a more elaborate layout and actually plan to have catanary strung for the trolley. I am not worrying about actual contact as these are to trains but I would like the trolley pole to be at least in proximity.

I can not see any means of adjustment, other than limiting the travel of the slide. At this point I am curious if I am missing something otherwise I will look at how I can limit the travel of the slide. Manually moving the slide till it is properly aligned I have found I need it to stop something between 1/8th and a  1/16th of an inch less than it currently is traveling. Fortunately at that point it still makes good contact and reverses as expected.  Any ideas about this appreciated.

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Thanks everyone. I agree with Chuck's analysis when the contact bar was cut it was cut a little to long so the arc is too wide. Repositioning the trolley pole on the shaft can spread that extra 20 or 40 degrees so the problem is less noticeable but won't cure it.

The solution will be to get as much of the excess to one side as possible and constrain the slide contact bar's range of motion. It does not need to slide the full travel to make contact so if I can stop the travel at a point where it still makes reliable contact but does not go all the way it should cure this or at least minimize the excess swing.

I plan to try this using something like a bump of hot glue, take or something similar that can be easily removed as I try to find the sweet spot. That way if it doesn't work it can easily be removed with no permanent damage to the car and if I can find that magic combination of pole position and restraining the travel I can try something more permanent.

This trolley is far from pristine so I can afford to gamble, I picked it up at a train show more than 20 years ago out of a junk box for a couple of bucks and fixed it, but it has some body damage on one side so it always faces the wall side of the layout.

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