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I ran across a reference to a really beautiful looking Lionel Macy's uncataloged train set. I think it came with two #607 passenger cars and a #608 observation car. However, I have seen pictures with a #252 engine (sort of a mini "Bipolar" electric loco) and others show it with a #450 engine (a rectangle "brick" of an engine). Is there a "correct" engine for this train set?


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Lionel made more than one promotional outfit for Macy's. Dave McEntarfer's book on prewar sets might have info on the set you're asking about, if you have his book. I'll check my copy of the book tonight and see what I can find. Here's the observation car from my Macy Special, which is a #4 electric, two 605 Pullman cars, and a 606 Observation.



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