I have about a dozen pre & postwar tenders with whistle issues. The whistle motors are clean, serviced and work fine but the relay won't pull the contact plate up to complete the circuit. Is there an add-on, modification, or adjustment to the WCR-1 to make it hold continuity?  Is there a modern electronic replacement for the whistle controller relay?

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In re a modern electronic replacement, refer to this 5-year old OGR thread.

The ERR link does not take you directly to the desired information so here's the beef:

ERR PW Relay replacement solid-state

Perhaps someone sells these assembled?  The parts cost is just a few bucks but working at the component level is not in everyone's comfort zone.



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It is unusual,in my experience, that the coil end of the whistle relay is a problem. It is usually the contacts that run the whistle motor. Try a couple of batteries in series to give you 3 volts and see if it will operate the relay connected right at the coil.  The problem could be dirty track, dirty wheels, or dirt or corrosion on the roller pin. For the roller pin I had a lot of success with Deoxit D5. The problem could also be the whistle rectifier in the transformer. 

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