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I have a Atlas SW900M Reading switcher in 3 rail w/TMCC and railsounds.

I have noticed recently that the headlight and rear light flicker while in operation.
I have cleaned the track thoroughly and the pick up rollers on the engine.

Could it be a bulb starting to go bad or the battery perhaps?

Help appreciated.

Thank you

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I have seen MTH 6-wheel truck passenger cars have a bad ground, I posted a video here of an arc around the spring and called it the MTH Tesla coil. I have also seen Atlas engines with bad ground; first off, if it has four wheel trucks, but if an axle on each truck has rubber tires, you now have only four wheels available to pick up ground at times (maybe going around a curve the pizza cutters would make contact). But also, the engine I had, it had a painted diecast frame and truck frames, and you couldn't count on a good metal to metal contact.

Not sure which engine it is/was, either some Providence and Worchester (sp?) non-EMD non-powered, or a Southern Pacific GP60. I know that GP60 can be a finicky one about how clean the track is. I fixed the first one by running wires from the trucks to the frames, then later sold it. Still have the GP60.

Not saying for gosh sure its a ground problem, just keep an open mind about where the problem could be. A voltmeter can help too, or even a light bulb with wire leads.

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