Thanks John.

It won't be a showstopper if I can't get the RS3 going again. I've learned a lot this week and it's been interesting the whole way.

But, it will bring me to decision point on future acquisitions. I fell hard for the Lionchief line, it brought me running back to the hobby, wallet wide open! No regrets, and there has not been a change of heart, but there could be change of engine brand going forward now that the curtain has been drawn back a bit.

Sean, just to be clear, I don't believe this is an issue related to the LionChief tier of products as much as this particular drive train has some potential design issues. There are many other LionCief tier of products that do not use this drive train and are great fun. Any brand, product tier, manufacturer can be susceptible to this.

Another component of this hobby is maintenance/repair - you can't escape it so you might as well embrace it (it seems you are well on your way!)

Yes BMoran, I have come to the conclusion you can't just sit back and gaze wistfully at them running all the time!

I do know that in the real world trains break down and have to be repaired, so in for a penny, in for a pound. 

Comforting to know the LC line is not poisoned, thank you.

I do love the LC stuff, especially my Rio Grande FT AA units. Any time I get the pleasure of showing them off my guests just look on with slack-jawed awe!


I have several LC+ locomotives (all steamers except the RS-3's) - and only problem ever has been the PRR RS-3, which had the plastic gear train.  The broken tooth I had, I believe, was due to a piece of ballast getting picked up by the locomotive. 

The parts RS-3 I got (also a 2015 PRR) also has a plastic gear, but it is running well.  With the new trucks, my original one is running fine (slower and noisier with the new trucks than with the plastic trucks), so now I have 2 PRR RS-3's AND a (new design w/ metal drivetrain) Peabody Coat unit.

The LC+ locos are great, especially when kids are running the trains.  They have a challenge understanding and using TMCC and Legacy units.  The handheld, simple remote IS the best thing for kids, I have found, including "conventional" transformer control.

Well, I am extremely happy to report that I received the part from Forest today, put the gear on, and I've got my train back!

I tested everything; forward, backward, the electrocouplers, bell, horn, and everything checks out.

And when the engineer announced "Train Is Moving" while testing the crew talk, well that was certainly the truth!

Thank you Forest, and everybody else who jumped in to read and post.

Have a great Thanksgiving everybody.


The HO world had a cracked gear issue that had surfaced a few years ago. Old, made around 2000ish, Life Like Proto 2000 engines would have a thump while running,. The gear in the truck would crack. Delrin type plastic. Fortunately an Athearn gear would work and also A Line makes a replacement. It is nice to see yours came to a happy ending and it is nice but of information to keep in mind if (when) this happens to others.  

SuperChiefer84 posted:

Which gear was the fix and is it still available? I have a LC+ SF GP7 with loose drive gear on rear truck.

Check Seang's post on the previous page. He posted a picture of the gear that I supplied him. If that is the same one you need reply here and then e-mail me. I think I might still be able to help you.


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