Hello, again.  The Midweek photo thread is back again, although a bit later than some other times.  Here is where we share some photos of life on the real railroads in this model railroading Forum.  Anyway, here is some of what I was able to catch recently.


Last Saturday, November 30, Steamtown ran its Holiday Express trains to Santa's Station (aka Moscow, PA).  The trains were led by GP9 no. 514, a former Nickel Plate Road diesel loco.


At the station, there were many activities for the families, including getting hand and face tattoos. 



Naturally, Santa Claus was nearby to listen to your special wish for Christmas. 


This is the first Christmas that Nickel Plate Road no. 514 has made the trip to Moscow, PA.  She has been under rebuild since late 2014. 


The whole gang showed up for this group photo at the station before the run-around procedure took place. 


Inside the station, several seasonal items were available for sale if a member of the family needed a special gift.


After the runaround, the train was ready to head back to Steamtown in Scranton.  But first...


A group photo to remember the efforts of many members of the Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley Railway Historical Society to make for several years of memories during the Holiday  Season!  

If you have any photos to share, please do.  It could be an ordinary train or a holiday special, but we love what you have to share.  Thank you for taking part in this thread over the years. 

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On August 18th, I went down to Haysville to photograph the PRR signal bridge at MP 10.6 for what turned out to be the last time. In late September, the bridge was removed as part of NS's transition to PTC and consequent elimination of most wayside signals on the Pittsburgh Division. 


An intermodal led by a Dash-9 and SD70M approaches the crossing. 


Unfortunately for me, there would be no westbounds to photograph heading into the evening sun under the signals. 


The sun sets on the bridge, both metaphorically and and actuality (cringe). Note that the vertical light under the leftmost signal is lit, which I had never seen before. I presume that said signal indicates something about the block in front of it, as the light went out after a train passed by the signal. 


A hi-rail truck on possible heat patrol approaches the bridge on Track 2. 


SD60E 6968 and its pair of Dash-9s smoke it up as they thunder past the crossing with a veritable smorgasbord of coil cars, boxcars, grain and potash hoppers, and the like.  


The classic (or overdone) wedge shot, with some funky shadows for 6968's nose. I really need to figure out how to adjust my light meter on the fly; for some reason my 10-year old Fujifilm Finepix digital cannot adjust well to the light. 


The trio, my last train to see pass under the bridge, heads northeast toward downtown Pittsburgh. 


Farewell, faithful sentinel. 


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