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A couple updated photos of the Missouri River Eagle. I got to ride it when I was much younger. The E7 is from Seacrest and it has an improved drive with a gear reduction head. Looks like a Snow or protocraft type drive? Very smooth and now with ESU loksound and tang band speaker. Cars are Oriental RPO/baggage, coaches MAC Shops, Atlas dome, DesPlains diner, Wolfer observation. Wolfer cars are just punched out windows. Lots of Archer rivets as Erik stated. DesPlains diner is an etched wraper. A real challenge to assemble with wood forms and torches. Basdens work is phenomenal as seen at OSW.   jeffersonP1220057P1220058


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I’ve so enjoyed this rejuvenated thread. Beautiful work and Models. And Obviously MP fans - and I recognize some commenters.  So..... I ask others to check out Newer thread “GGD Missouri Pacific EAGLES .......” and please contribute. I try to build support to do a “Golden Gate Depot” EAGLE passenger set run. I’ve done considerable research (but Still don’t claim to be expert) to submit (Soon) consists to Scott. He seems interested. This looks to be a opportunity to get a great MP or TP consist that hasn’t been offered before. And expert guidance appreciated !!!!!


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