Anybody see Tony Koester's new 4-part series starting in this month's MR on building a sectional O scale switching layout? Based on NKP branch in Indiana circa 1954. Looks just like what I want to do, other than the railroad and geographic location.

It appears that he's doing it in Proto48 with hand laid track, but he says it's equally applicable to those who want to use standard O scale track and turnouts (Atlas, etc.).

Undoubtedly some good and applicable ideas/inspiration for a lot of O scalers. No matter, it's refreshing to see something other than the usual N and HO.

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Yes,I read both the January and February issues of Mr magazine .it is a very interesting article on the switching layout in o scale. Using 2 inch foam and and 2 inch aluminum angles for the modules he is making. Yes it good to see o scale in Mr and looking forward to the next two articles ,where he will show scenery and how he build the building on the got me thinking I like to try my hand at making a switching layout in o scale 

Tony demonstrated this layout for attendees of the 2018 O-Scale National Convention.  Nice switching layout, DCC demonstrator, and photographic background prop for models.  He is a fairly recent convert to the possibilities of 2R O-Scale railroading.  He also conducted a well-attended clinic and was speaker at the convention dinner.

I saw the layout at the 2018 at the O scale National. I built my 4 x 16 switching layout with 2" foam but ran 1 x 3s under it across the layout. He layout and thousand questions he answered was great. Later during a later afternoon slide presentation he got into the fine points of who, what, etc.  

Thanks, Tony.


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