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Hi All; recently received a used "Mint condition, everything works" RS-3, PS 2.0 Love it; but the sound seems distorted - loud and there is a "run - program" switch where the volume control should be according to the supplied manual. No mention of that run - program switch in the RS-3 manual. Removed the fuel tank to check the rechargeable battery.  The seller said they had put a new rechargeable battery in.  Ok, so the battery is a TENERGY  9 VOLT  250 mah NI-MH battery.  Is that the correct battery for this RS-3?  The manual indicates I can temporarily use a 9 volt alkaline battery.  I may try that and see if the sound quality improves. Wonder where the volume control could be hiding. Thoughts?  Also, the RS-3 came missing two small 1/4 in black Phillips screws that secure the fuel tank to the engine - instead of replacing the missing screws, someone drilled a hole through the tank flange into the bottom of the engine and used a 1" #6 sheet metal screw to secure the tank - not cool.  Oh well Caveat Emptor.  I'll check around to see who might carry the correct screws in the Madison WI area.  Thanks for any help you may provide.  Craig

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Sounds like the previous owner(s) have been dabbling with the engine. FWIW- I never buy an engine unless I can see photos of the underside to check the condition of wheels, rollers, presence of screws, etc.

A couple photos and a video of the sound issues would be helpful too.

Volume pot is located under the long hood truck.

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Thanks for the support and information. Thank to RSJB18 for the photo - on my engine where the volume pot should be there is a switch in that hole with the descriptor "run - program.  As Bluelinec4 suggested, the previous owner may have removed the PS-2 board and replaced it with TMCC boards. I do not have time today to remove the body but did locate the source of my distortion.  Wires were touching the speaker cone and impacting the cone movement.  Pushed the offending wires back up through the hole into the engine, reattached the fuel tank with the two correct screws and vola, no distortion. Horn, bell, engine and shutdown sounds appear to work properly. I will find 2 additional screws that fit, not using that oversized machine screw.  I like Mark's comment on "used -  mint condition" being an oxymoron.  Also, don't think the RS-3 likes the Lionel CW80 very much; when I added lighted passenger cars the CW80 blinks red, calls 911 and things shut down.  When I finish the new layout, I think the Z4000 will do the job. My other diesel, Lionel GP-7 had the same problem with the CW80 but ran well with the Z4000.  We'll see. Thanks again; more later. Craig

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