MY SD40-2 IN 3D

Truly impressive. To draw a locomotive (any locomotive) on a computer is a HUGE undertaking. The engineering that goes into the making is not a small task. Looking at your model and comparing it to my Overland... you win! 😁👍🏼

Well done on your part, and I will be following this thread!




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E21 James posted:

......To draw a locomotive (any locomotive) on a computer is a HUGE undertaking...

Working on it!


JP's project inspired me to get moving on my own version.  My plan is to build the frame from etched metal and machined parts, with the superstructure being assembled from a combination of 3d printed, resin cast, and Atlas parts.  This project is on hold at the moment since it was a distraction from the project I should be working on.  I really should finish one thing before I start another, but it's hard to do sometimes.

Looking great so far JPV!


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Well, James, thank you for your comment; it's very kind! I've never seen an Overland model but the comparison makes me ; I don't think I can reach their level; it's too high for me! Your're right when you say that the drawing is a huge undertaking and these of Jim are also the proof.

Jim, hello, happy to see your drawings; it will be a fantastic model! thanks for your comment. As you told me one day, I will certainly use some Atlas parts; I have seen on their website that they were not expensive but they don't inevitably have all the necessary; but it's better than nothing!

See you soon

jpv in France

Some progress on this engine:

The two end platforms are done and in place on the chassis:


The fuel tank is also in place but just to see if all is ok and it's good!


And a closer view:


Next to be printed: air tanks, snow plow and coupler pocket.

I will have to buy a 3D printer..............

jpv in France


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While I'm waiting 3D parts to be delivered, I began to make the pipes which run everywhere along the sides of the chassis.

I wondered how to do but I have found a solution to this problem: very thin electric wire (0,5 mm diameter) supported by  pieces in U shape (EVERGREEN channel 2,5 x 1 mm) cut in 1 mm width.

I first made a template in a 2D drawing to have the exact space between U pieces; I re-do it to know how many wires I have to lay down!




I will have to draw other templates for other areas of the chassis.

It's time consuming but I think it will be fine.

Now all is drying until tomorrow!

It's extremely inadvisable to do this work with mittens...........

jpv in France


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I received these parts:


The snow plow will be installed when I will get the detail parts for the front face (air hoses, brackets for lift bar, etc..)

Today I fixed the coupler pockets:



The last two parts are the air tanks; I have to improve them with pipes before gluing on the chassis. It's the work for this afternoon!

jpv in France


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I have written something wrong: the air tanks are not glued on the chassis but on the fuel tank! if I had done this, some screw holes would have been blocked!

So, now they are glued on the chassis with some pipes added:



On the 2 photos above, you can see the 2 screw holes at each end for the assembly under the chassis.



It lacks yet some other details:  parts in order from PSC (fuel filler, gauge, etc...).

jpv in France



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I told you some days ago about a new project after the SD 40 I'm working on, making the design at this day.

Here it is:

10_01_1258 ensemble caisse

An AEM 7; not yet finished, of course! it will be made like the sd 40, in 3D printing.

Another shot: close up of the cab interior:

10_01_1258 ensemble caisse_close up

Last shot, a photomontage:

20_03_1244 assemblage portique_AEM 7

The tracks come directly from the 3D Warehouse of SKETCHUP, on the other hand, the catenary gantry is a model I'm building.

But now, back to the SD 40!

jpv in France



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Some little progress on the SD40-2.

Now detailing the front and back faces of the chassis:



Parts are from PSC; the cut bar is home made with some bad welding in the middle of the part......................; will try to get them better in sanding with my mini drill........Sure I'm not a weld, the back face.

Just lacks a hose near the coupler pocket but I have to modify it because of the snow plow......

jpv in France



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