N&W Passenger Trains and Layout Progress

Amazing is the only word I have. I saw your layout in that 'other' O scale magazine and bought the copy just for that article.

Truly impressive work.

I am curious, is the bridge scene the only 'finished' portion of the layout? Not knocking anything, just curious as it's the only thing I've ever seen of it.

Hi Lee,

I'm not knocked in the least. The 2 links below go to some threads which might show more of  the layout from about 2 years ago. The scenery mostly are THE scenes around the railroad. They mostly are of the around the walls part of the layout. I hope they work.



Recently I've been working on filling in the center lobe on the layout with mountains which will have roads and a mine and a few other buildings. I should have some more shots in the next 2 months or so.

Thanks for looking.

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