Definitely unacceptable and sadly more often the state of the USPS.  Looks like a call to Nassua for a replacement and return label.  Let Charlie and gang sort it out w/ the USPS since the tracking details indicate shipping insurance was only $100.

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scott.smith posted:
Allan Miller posted:

Geez, Scott! From a dealer? I sure hope not! If it was, send me an email and let me know who.

Yes it was from a dealer, no name is necessary; they have already told me they would take care of it.

Scott Smith

I sure hope so! And I'm confident any reputable dealer would. In any case, I hope you'll enjoy the WiFi once you get an unblemished unit. I have The MTH WiFi here, but have not yet been able to make much use of it.


I have two Wi-Fi units and this was going to be a third. One is on my layout the other was in my sons room for his layout. After breaking an antenna off taking my unit to the Roanoke Valley Model Railroad Club a couple of weeks ago I decided to order another unit to leave on my layout at the club.

The MTH Wi-Fi unit is great. Better range, better functionality.


Scott Smith

 Butt the truck seat was hot 

Then I needed a doorstop or I would have had to set things down again everywhere I delivered. 

The blade of my hand truck had a small bend and I needed to hammer it out or would have to lift box edges sometimes 

Abusive work conditions, not my fault 

Our PO is usually pretty good too. Our carriers, old pro's mostly. The main guy used to be a neighbor 4 doors down.

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Keystone posted:

Definitely unacceptable and sadly more often the state of the USPS.  

Not in my experience. Like Allen Miller, I've had excellent service both sending and receiving with USPS Priority Mail (hundreds of packages).

A few years ago I would tend to agree with you, I had a great letter carrier for more than 10 years, then she retired.  In the last 3 years I've seen numerous drops in service quality with both local and out of state delivery by USPS.  For example during the holidays, while a parcel was tracked as arrived the prior evening at my local post office and expected delivery was the next day: which they missed; after 12 hours they first changed status to unknown, then updated to say they attempted to deliver but claimed no one home or business was closed all the while we were home the entire time.  I was told off the record, that if the local office fell behind in making delivery deadlines, the local supervisor(s) at our post office would re-code those late packages as undeliverable/business closed even though they weren't necessarily going to a store that was really closed.  This false-coding practice would hide that office's true delivery performance as well as negatively impact the local postmaster's performance numbers.  My most recent letter carriers (we now have 3) prefer not to get out of their truck, preferring to force-fit packages (no matter the size or printed warnings) into my street-side box rather than walk the 30 ft to the front porch. Last Thursday, our carrier delivered the mail to the prior numbered house for our entire street - almost 30 homes (venting over... for now).  It's not perfect but tracking and picture scan delivery notification email help.

You can have a steam train ...If you'd just lay down your tracks.

A lot of the times it depends on the local post office, my local post office is good about deliveries and I have no complaints about them. On the other hand, when I have had packages that were delivered on a Sunday that USPS gets from Fedex, I have had problems, because that uses the PO in a large town next to mine, and they are notoriously bad (basically, the postmaster on down in that office are sadly every stereotype you can have about a large town post office...I'll leave the rest to the imagination).  My experience is the post office with parcel deliveries is a lot better than they ever were, some of that was the competition from Fed Ex and UPS, but these days I think it is because a lot of their business is handling delivery from places like Amazon and other large on-line retailers, either directly or through agreements with Fedex, and there is a lot more accountability with that then there was when it was just a postal customer complaining. 

Anyway, getting back to the thread, sorry that happened, but glad the dealer was making good with that, some places would tell you to take it up with the post office, that once they mailed it wasn't their problem, etc. Had a battle like that once with Home Depot with something delivered and it was broken, told me "not my problem" and I had to deal with some freight firm,not fun (on the other hand, I ordered a new set of shower doors from Menards, they came broken, and they took care of it promptly). 

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I use to joke with the UPS driver when he delivered packages that looked like they were carried under the truck instead of in it.  I asked if they run them over before delivery.  One day the receiving department called me and told me that UPS wanted to see me.  He actually had a box with a tire track across it.  A lot of things happen in transit.  Hopefully your vendor insured it.  He will need to file the claim and get you a new one.


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