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Joe, your comment about Loco running around the train room reminds me of when our youngest was in high school, she was in all the plays and musicals.  Her senior year, they performed Wizard of Oz and had tryouts for Toto as well.  The gymnasium doubles as our auditorium.  Our mixed breed beagle/shi-tzu was about 2 years old.  Annie had a great time running around the gym chasing the boys.  Needless to say, she didn't get the part.    She never paid attention to me in the train room unless trains were running, then she would bark endlessly at them.

We just got a 5-year old rescue Yorkie/something else 6 weeks ago.  Bentley comes running no matter what he hears me doing in the train room.  It is all new to him!

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Steady progress.....

We now have a functioning climate control system.....


The trim painting is now mostly finished......


The flooring went in today.....


I spoke to Tim Foley at Mianne earlier this week. I'm sending him a tentative plan so that we can discuss the benchwork I will need. Critical to that is the tally I have of my current Mianne components......Tom (Gilly@N&W) is going to cut down my tall posts to regular height since I'm no longer going to have a cantilevered section.


My goals for June are:

1. to finalize the track plan and order the benchwork.

2. to transfer the contents of my two 10x10 storage units back home into the 9x29 storage room.

3. to participate in modular group activities as we start free train displays at the storefront next month.

4. to furnish the room and relocate my model railroading and prototype railroading library  to the attic shelves.

5. to figure out how many more pieces of Glen Snyder shelving I am going to need.

I am not rushing....I want to continue to go slow and think about each step....if my June goals spill into July/August, no problem.....



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Wow, “Nothing Stops a Trane”, beautiful room, excellently prepared for a Fantastic model train layout. Your choice of air conditioning is great, your floor looks beautiful and now the fun begins. Thank you very much for posting the pictures of this nice room. Congratulations on a job well done. Your area and Gunrunner Johns area for layout building are both great.  Happy Railroading Everyone...

@MartyE posted:


I looked but might have missed it, is there a floor plan posted?  Just trying to get a feel for the space.  It looks great!

Marty....I need to do that.....possibly later today.....prior to build out, the space was about 30x30 with an extra 3x9 area on one side at the top of the stairwell.

Ignoring the landing for the stairwell, it built out into two rooms:

~9x29 which is climate-controlled storage

~20.5x29 which is the main layout space. One corner has a 3x6 kick-out for the water heater.

There are 3 dormers which are about 3.5x4.5....and are separate from the main area.

I have bookcases built into walls between the dormers.

One crucial layout constraint is that I have to leave ladder access to the attic of the attic where HVAC equipment resides.

I also need to plan for my desk, a small couch, TV and computer.

I'll do that detailed drawing later today or latest tomorrow.


@RSJB18 posted:

THAT'S not a climate control system......THIS is a CLIMATE CONTROL SYSTEM

The room really looks great Peter. Don't forget to pace yourself when you have to carry all the trains back UP the stairs.



Hiring movers.....the attic is on the 4th floor! Three flights of stairs........

It took me a month and probably 50+ trips to the storage unit to get this stuff here.....and, there is also a second 10x10 unit with my kids' stuff....


....all this stuff goes into the 9x29 storage kids stuff 1st, then the trains.....




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This Update is long overdue.....sorry.....getting the club layouts ready and organized for the VTC Train Show this weekend has been my #1 priority (also, the painter was staining the stairs and I couldn't get up there, anyway).

This is a rough sketch of the attic:


Ignore the layout's just one I put up there for general size.....

Top is West.

Right is North.

Left is South.

Bottom is East.

This is the storage room behind the West Wall.


This is looking North, catching the stairwell.


This is looking South, catching the storage room door.


This is looking East. That is the stairwell. The door leads to our cedar closet.


Looking South again at both bookcases.


Looking West. Notice the trap door for attic access. A ladder is needed to gain entry. It is not a "pull down".


Another look (North), looking at the trap door placement.


This is looking South again with me practicing to be an N scale figure.


It should be finished next week......I will get up there and see what I can do with my current layout plan......I need space for a couch, a desk and a TV.

At the end of the day, I am just a loop runner....and jus t want to see them go round and round. This is my latest plan:


Have a great and safe weekend, folks!



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@RSJB18 posted:

Looks great Peter.

For the attic- Werner makes a great telescoping ladder. I put one in years ago and it is great.*Version*=1

Werner AA10 250-Pound Duty Rating Televator Aluminum Universal Telescoping Attic Ladder, 10-Foot


The space looks absolutely fabulous!  WRT attic ladders, the above looks very good.  Make sure you get a substantial one and one that is solidly installed.  If you are or will be going in/out of the attic with any regularity, stability and ruggedness are important considerations.  Flimsy ladders are a hazard and the mounting hardware can come loose or fail.


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