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I took some pre-York pics to document progress ( the pics of my Dennis Brennan’s kits are for the Delta Lines meeting at York).

I’ve spent most of the winter and early spring wiring. I’ve put in a station base and platform. I have moved buildings around and acquired a few more.

All this has taken place while the basement and garage were taken down to the studs and renovated. The renovation still has about 2 weeks plus left.

Then, my post-York focus will be to move the furniture, books, et cetera,  back into the garage and basement, at the same time organizing it (including my modeling space) and throwing out more junk.

I hope to be done by early June. During that time, the layout will be quiet, except for running trains.

When I start up again, I’ll be concentrating on building the half dozen kits I have left; making sidewalks, grade crossings and streets. Then, wiring up signals and crossing gates. If I can get that done by August, I’ll be pleased because then the Base 3 will be out…..

That’s the plan……but is the time allotted realistic? Probably not, but that’s the beauty of retirement!



Have a great and safe week, everyone.



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Peter, that’s more buildings than I realized you had built.  They all look quite nice!  Your Sanky Wanky looks great, as do the other Brennan’s Frank Ellison buildings.  What do you think of the Hap Hazard building?  I don’t understand the side doors that look like they flip up on Ellison’s building.  Maybe I don’t understand that industry.


The buildings look very nice. Like Mark, this post really brings out all of the work you have done over the last few years with them. I can't tell from the photos but have you narrowed placement down at this point? You mentioned what your plans/goals were for August with the sidewalks, etc so inquiry minds want to know.


@ScoutingDad posted:

@Putnam Division  Peter do you have images of all 4 sides of the freight warehouse with the roof over the loading docks. I am planning on a 40 inch warehouse for my layout. Was that a self- built or a kit/kit bashed?  Thanks ... Jeff

I believe you are referring to this building.


I’ll take some pics for you next week……..however, it’s kit from TW TrainWorx and is on their website.

Mike Reagan does an hour plus video on its assembly and painting…….search on You Tube for the Rock Island Freight House patenting video.



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