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Wow Peter, it has been way too long since my eyes got in here and on the forum in general. It's almost like I have been hibernating like most of my friends say I do during the winter months. With spring officially sprung today I guess it's safe for me to come out of my cave(den) and see what's going on in the world. I really need to pop out and say "hi" more often.

BTW, your work looks great. Soon that attic will have the right feel of climate that the trains will smile as they come up the stairs anxious to begin running. Of course they'll have to wait for all the necessary things like bench work, track laying, wiring, testing, and more testing before the really fun stuff begins. Main lines will be in before you know it, and then we'll see some NYC magic as well as all the other rail lines you enjoy.

P.S., I've got to work on my own small space.

So here goes.....I have some room constraints......2 doors, the stairwell and HVAC ceiling access.

The following is an older plan.....not one that I'm using.....but it maps out the room. You see where the dormers are. On the top, on the other side of the wall is the 10x30 storage room.


The walls on the top and the right will have floor to ceiling Glenn Snyder shelving....if the trains aren't easily available, they won't get run.

I need an area for a small couch and my desk. The aisle minimum is going to 3 feet. There are bookcases built into the space between the dormers. I want to have area to move around.

I will wait for the finished room to finalize everything.

Here are the latest plans that I am considering.....for background, please note that I prefer and model industrial/urban landscapes.

On both plans, I will use a Mianne Lift Gate to enter the layout from above into a 2x5 open area.

This is called 8L. It has 3 main lines with a wye and reversing loops.


A lot of track.....this is a revision, removing a part of the 3rd Main Line. This plan is called 10L


On both plans, underneath the main level, on the right will be the Subway.....2 loops covering a 6x7 area. A station will be visible like on my current layout.


The electricians are finishing up will be drywall.......



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@RSJB18 posted:

Looks great Peter.

A thought just popped into my head.

What are you going to do for display shelves? If you are planning shelves on the walls, have your carpenter install blocking between the studs. You will be thankful later when you don't have to go hunting for the beams to drive a screw.


Great suggestion, Bob!  I always have trouble finding studs.  


A suggestion for the high ceiling area above the new attic-based layout ...

I presume you'll add insulation and then cover the ceiling and walls drywall. Paint the ceiling dark blue, add some wispy clouds with glow-in-the-dark paint, and string white mini-Christmas lights in random patterns to simulate starlight. Bonus feature:  arrange some mini-lights in the Big Dipper configuration. Some stargazers will recognize it!

Mike Mottler    LCCA 12394

Very nice, Peter!

I was curious if you were going to go the spray foam route. Now we have the answer...

And I'll take Mike's comment about one step further: Find an astronomer to put some actual constellations on your dark ceiling with glow-in-the-dark paint. Then when you dim the lights for night running, voila! The glow-in-the-dark will not be obnoxious in full room light. Rust-Oleum makes it. Look in art supply stores.



@coach joe posted:

It's going to be a great space Peter.  One question, do you know why some of the insulation dosen't have paper backing?

Because the vapor barrier is not required in those locations. It is probably already in place behind what was added. A double vapor barrier can trap moisture and cause mold growth, dry rot, all sorts of fun stuff!

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Dry wall is done. Trim carpentry next. Then painting. Then final electrical and HVAC adjustments. Then flooring.......


Trim materials getting delivered......


Basement layout deconstruction continues......I have decided that since I am a month and and half short of 68, no more subway......I will look into EL structures by BridgeBoss!

The view from "down under"......


Have a great and a safe day, folks!



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