I received my new Lehigh Valley c420 and caboose from Muffins Trains and both are damaged. The caboose vestibule is bent up and broken and the air hoses are broken of the loco! Such a let down. I guess I will call them tomorrow and see what they say, The air hoses are not a big deal but I like my trains perfect and not broken! so disappointed

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After I slept and got on Lionel's website, the part for the air hoses is available as it is used in most C420 and RS11 loco's. The engine runs fine and to be honest it is beautiful. I don't feel sending back and forth for such a minor thing is worth it. The caboose will have to go to Lionel and I will call them this am. I ran the engine for a few minutes and it is really nice.


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     My c420 also came with broken air lines so your not the only one. I love the engine so I'm just going to glue them back on using a toothpick. I haven't had a chance to run it much but it  seems "jerky" until it reaches speed. I'm using bluetooth so maybe it's a momentum setting, etc but also could be other factors, dirty track, power loss, etc. I really haven't had time to investigate. That being said....this thing is gorgeous. 


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Regarding the air hoses, I called Lionel and they sent me a new set. They are fairly easy to replace. I popped them out with a small screwdriver and just pop new ones in. Perfect. Mine is also jerky going around a Atlas O-48 curve. Its not that noticeable but it is there. I'm putting fresh lube and will run for a hour. But it is a great looking loco. 

Today I opened my Lehigh Valley C420s I received from Mr. Muffin. They were perfect out of the boxes.

I did run into a fairly basic issue, however, as I went to program them in. I could not remove either cover, as they are really tight. I did not want to apply too much force, for fear of breaking them. Is there a trick to getting them off?  I could go around the issue by taking the shells off and pushing the the covers up, but would prefer not to do so. Thanks.


I received my 3 pre-ordered, special-run C420's from Mr. Muffin's on Monday.  I've only had enough time so far to open the shipping cartons and remove them from their boxes for visual inspection.

First of all, they look great!  Super job by Steve and Lionel on these.  The 3 engines made it to me safe and sound from Indiana.  There's only one very minor casualty to deal with--one of the crew figures was dislodged from his perch and is rattling around in the cab...but that's a really easy fix with a drop of glue.

I hope to find time to run them this coming weekend.  I'm confident all will be well as Steve was kind enough to test all 3 engines for me prior to shipping.  Thanks again for doing these special runs, Steve!


Joe A.

Enjoying this Great Hobby in memory of Dad & Pop...the "original Joe's" responsible for my interest in trains!!


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