I cannot operate it slow enough to control stops at the correct track alignment.  Started with 12v and went to 10v with no discernible difference.  Can I lower the volts and will that slow the speed down with no harmful effects?  Note 1:  have not operated with engine load.  Note 2: am using rectifier from early model since it was already installed.

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Quick question since I don't know:

Does the new version TT not have the cammed movement so it pauses for a moment at each track?  I have the original version, and I don't have to be precise.   Once the bridge is lined up, it pauses, giving me time to shut off the motor.

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This new model, or at least my copy of it, cycles too fast for me to react to what is less than one second hesitation at the alignment position.  One second hesitation I can do.  I, too, had the early model and the cycling was fine.  There were other problems causing me to get the new model.



Mine turns faster.  Could it be the earlier model rectifier specs I am using  are different?  The new model is 12v dc.  I don’t know what the old model is as I don’t have the instructions.  I used the old rectifier to save wiring work.  Will check dc voltage at the motor.

Alan, thanks.  I did that and it worked, sort of.  The TT track is stopping at about a 1/4 “ off center.  Using GG track, there is just enough space in the connection area to make the alignment.  Have not tried other entry points to see if the misalignment is consistent at all of them(I’m guessing that will be the case).  That is time consuming and tiring because I have to crawl under the layout and back out again after each cycle.  The TT is too far from an observation point, the control panel, to view the alignment.  May have to get a neighbor to work the controls while I observe from my access hatch.  Wife is no longer able to understand directions (dementia).

Update: removed rectifier of early TT and replaced with new one.  From what I could see, the cycling alignment appeared correct.  Running it at 7.5-8 volts, however, the TT sounded as if struggling.  Worked much better at 10v.  I would have expected no difference in performance of the two rectifiers, but then the new TT has a more powerful motor.  Thus, perhaps, a higher voltage rated rectifier.  Still have an issue re my reaction time with such a short stop hesitation time.  Will practice on my reaction skills.

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